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Splendid Places That Are Worth Visiting in Europe!

Europe has lots of interesting places that attract travellers from around the world. Even when you think that you have explored it, a few places pop up that you have not even heard of before. You are required to spend some time to find those hidden gems and once you have picked them, the exploration feeling is worth every second of planning.

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Check out a few places that need your attention in 2020:

Somewhere in Lodz - Poland

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Lodz – Poland

It’s a secret art hub, not very much in the limelight. Considered as the 3rd largest city in Poland, it is rich entertainment hub of the arts; Polish cinema, live theatre, culinary cuisine and performing arts. It definitely needs attention from the tourists due to its historical value. This place is worth visiting for those who are interested in Jewish history.

Beautiful beach view in Ikaria - Greece

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Ikaria – Greece

If you want to see the beauty of Greece, consider visiting the isle of Ikaria, around the little corners of Greece. The best thing about visiting this place is that it is never seen to be crowded. You can enjoy a lot of staple Greek foods there, being brought fresh from the sea. If you are looking to take a break from modern civilization, try exploring this city at least once!

Flowery view from Colmar - France

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Colmar – France

Once you step into this old, peaceful and little town in France, I am sure you are not going to believe your eyes. This city is rich in French/Bavarian culture that makes it stand out from the rest. During the holidays, the entire area is transformed into Christmas villages that are being seen in shopping malls. You get a chance to enjoy traditional food and buy handmade gifts back home to present to your friends and family.

Stonehenge of North in Isle of Lewis - Scotland

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Isle of Lewis – Scotland

This place is mostly overlooked by the travellers, but now a lot of the tourists have started to acknowledge it as a must-visit place in Europe. You can find impressive Callanish Stones on this island, immediately reminding you about the famous Easter Island’s monuments. These monuments are very impressive and exciting and you will definitely love them once you explore them.

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  Posted by admin on Mon, Jan 13, 2020

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