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Reasons to book an Airport Lounge

Let’s accept it! Traveling by plane is not relaxing as it used to be. A decade ago, we could take many bags on board with us without paying extra charges. The stress at the terminal about missing our flight was never there. We never felt disconnected from the world at the airport. But now we have to cope with all of these stressed-out situations at the airport. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to book an airport lounge to make flying safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

An airport lounge is a peaceful oasis in the mid of the sweltering airport desert. It offers comfort with a quieter environment, comfortable seating, free internet, work booths, a food area, and family sitting. Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, these services help enhance the airport experience. Travelers from any class can take the services of an airport lounge. The only thing a traveler needs to do is to book an airport lounge.

Here we give you all reasons that make you consider booking an airport lounge before planning any onboard trip.

1.    Relax in the middle of fuss at an airport terminal

Lounges have been designed to provide all the facilities to create a perfect relaxing environment. They fetch the travelers away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. In addition to this, they also enforce social distancing measures to make the place safe during a pandemic. Of course, travelers will also enjoy comfortable seating, where they can also take a quick nap before boarding. For a more peaceful experience, some lounges also have a quiet area to keep the traveler away from noises.

2.    Enjoy tempting food before you board

No one likes eating plane’s food, so why not have a proper meal before you board? Many lounges provide food and drink services to make the traveler satisfy their cravings. They offer hot and cold options to provide variety in food. Some also have the proper tented bars to provide little stronger drinks. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, lounges can be the perfect pick to have safe food without being in a crowd. These food and drink facilities make the airport experience enjoyable and luxurious.

3.    Get child-safe environment

Travelling with kids is itself a challenge, but you can make it easy by simply booking an airport lounge. Some lounges have special game rooms to keep the kids busy in fun games. Different family-friendly activities are also available to entertain the little kids with their families. In the family booths, smart TV or television is also accessible to provide more means of entertainment. If your flight gets delayed, you can beat your boredom by spending your time at a lounge.

4.    Make your urgent work done at Airport

All lounges provide free WiFi service to let you connect with the world. Therefore, you do not need to worry about internet connection when being at an airport. This service helps people who work remotely and need the internet to finish their work. Some lounges also provide business areas to give a dedicated place for business people. People can access proper work tables and printing facilities there to easily complete the work while waiting for boarding. This facility helps many business travelers who cannot waste their spare time at the airport. The charging ports are also available here, so traveler can also easily charge their phone, laptop, or other devices during their long-scheduled travelling.

5.    Cost-effective services:

Buying things individually at the terminal will cost higher than buying all-inclusive services in the lounge. Thus, it is a cost-effective approach for people who want to make their flying experience luxurious within a low budget.

Our Recommendations for Airport Lounge:


  1. Aspire Lounge at Manchester Airport:

Aspire Lounge is located at Manchester Airport at terminal 1. It is one of the cheapest lounges that provide many services at an unbelievable cost. The friendly and cooperative staff makes their services more satisfactory and enjoyable. It offers proper work booths, family booths, a food, and drink facility, free internet, and quiet zones. You can also book it when you are travelling with children because it can provide a family fun experience. Timing of Aspire Lounge is 04:00 – 21:00 (April – October) and 04:00 – 20:30 (November – March).

  1. My Lounge at Gatwick South:

My lounge is situated at Gatwick South terminal and it is famous for its family-friendly environment. It provides a super relaxing area for families at the airport before their flight. It also has beautiful outdoor traces that provide a breath-taking view of the airport’s outside. Users can also make fresh pancakes by using a smart pancake machine there. In addition to seating and food facilities, the PlayStation and table football area provide fun family time. It also offers a free wifi connection to keep the passenger connected to the world. Timing of My Lounge is 04:00 – 15:00 (Mon-Weds) and 04:00 – 16:00 (Thu-Sun).

  1. Plaza Premium Lounge of Heathrow:

Heathrow has established Plaza Premium lounge with private resting suites. It facilitates with proper bathroom, free wifi, quiet area, freshly made food, fully tended bar, Smart TVs, comfortable seating, and more. All of these facilities make it a good option for business and leisure travelers. You will find it at departure near Gate A16 at Heathrow. The opening time of plaza Premium Lounge is 05:00 – 21:00 (daily)

  1. Escape Lounge at Stansted

Escape Lounge can be seen right after security at Stansted Airport. It features a cozy and relaxing ambiance for people who want stay before a long flight. It has super cooperative staff that keep every customer happy and satisfied with their great hospitality. You will find delicious food options with complimentary drinks, newspapers and magazines to read, Wifi connection to stay connected, TVs for entertainment, and more. The service time of Escape Lounge is 05:00 – 18:00 (daily)

  1. Clubroom Lounge at Luton

Clubroom Lounge provides luxurious services to bring a first-class experience to passengers. You can spend some time there to make your spare time relaxing. A dedicated waiter for every family ensures that the family can enjoy everything with a great experience. Proper three-course meals, unlimited wifi, newspapers, magazine, relaxing seating, etc. make the experience worthwhile having for every traveler. The opening time of Clubroom Lounge is 04:00 – 22:30 (daily).

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How to Take a Food Tour With Certain Allergies?

The very first thing that comes in mind while planning a trip is “FOOD”. While heading for Italy, you would love to taste pizza or pasta, if you are planning a Paris tour, then you will be thinking about croissants, wine, and cheese. Those leaving for Germany will have beer and sausages in their minds. Consider beginning your travel with a perfect food tour.

Food tours not only give you a chance to explore a city, but also guide you with the best places to eat. The culture of a specific city is very well reflected through the cuisine of a place. Once you are in Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, London, and Amsterdam you can find various companies offering food tours.

Make an online search to find out food operators at your travelling destinations. Book meet and greet at Heathrow services to secure tension-free parking arrangements ahead of your flight at Heathrow airport.

Travelling With a Food Allergy

Image by Pixabay

Before booking a food tour, keep in mind these tips:

  • Identify your food allergy first and then inform your four tour operator, so that it can be dealt with at the destination. Like, when you have a peanut allergy, avoiding foods with peanuts will help you. For those with lactose allergy, might need a lactose pill to digest dairy foods
  • Read the food tour description properly to get an idea of what type of food they will be serving you during the tour. Only proceed with the tour if there are enough foods on the menu that you can enjoy
  • With specific food allergies, you must let your food tour operator regarding certain allergies, so that they can accommodate you with an alternative or can ask you to not book them when they have food menu not suitable to your allergies
  • If there are certain food that you can’t eat due to certain allergies, and you are very excited about them, simply skip them and concentrate on other foods. If you have an allergy to cucumber, simply take it out of your sandwiches
  • Before trying a food, don’t hesitate to ask about the ingredients used to get an idea if it doesn’t contain something allergic for you
  • Never allow any food allergies/restrictions to stop you from taking a food tour while travelling. Mostly, the tour company makes arrangements to adjust the food menu according to your requirements. May you have all the fun on your next food tour!

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Covid – 19 Outbreak – Travel Tips from the World Health Organization (WHO)!

As spring approaches in most local schools across Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided useful tips to practice Coronavirus prevention.

WHO has urged people to stay themselves updated with Covid- 19 situation and be aware of any possible symptoms during the travel and upon returning home on completion of the trip. If you have any travel plans in the coming days, make sure to make hassle-free parking arrangements for your car at the airport. Secure a parking spot with cheap airport parking ahead of your flight to ensure a stress-free airport parking experience.

Corona virus preventions

Image by

Image Source:

Below are precautions that need to be carried out to protect yourself from extracting Coronavirus during the trip:

  • Avoid any contact with people who are ill
  • Do not go to any public gatherings
  • Make sure to stay a distance of six feet from other people. Social distancing can help stop the spread of Coronavirus
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose when your hands seem dirty and have not been washed in quite some time
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap every 30-50 minutes to stay clean
  • Keep a hand-sanitizer in your handbag or pocket every time you are out of the home. The sanitizer must contain 60-95% of alcohol
  • Do not forget to wash or sanitize your hand after using the restroom, sneezing, coughing, and before eating anything. You need to be more careful in public places.
  • Once you return from a trip, monitor your health and keep a note of any sickness symptoms for at least 14 days

Once a person suffers from fever (100.4 degrees F or higher), dry cough or shortening of breath, they must:

  • Seek a piece of medical advice from your doctor and inform him about your recent travel so that he can ask you to undergo a certain Coronavirus screening test
  • Avoid touching others, even your kids or spouse
  • Stay home as much as possible (unless you are admitted to a hospital in case of positive Coronavirus test). It’s your responsibility as a responsible citizen to keep others safe!

Medical experts have recommended that people above ’60s and those with underlying health issues should avoid travelling, especially cruise-ship travel, as they have strong chances of contracting the virus.

Check out the latest Manchester airport parking deals from our quality off-site parking operators and book your parking slot in advance so that you have enough time at the airport to undergo any Coronavirus screening (if any). Stay Safe, Happy Travelling!

Why You Should Say “Thank You” to Your Valet at the Airport?

Since the late 80’s, the average number of British owning a car has increased tremendously. Almost every household has at least one vehicle as it has become a necessity in our lives. Have you ever thought about the troubles that have emerged as a result of the huge number of cars on the road? Yes, you are right if you are thinking about the parking hassles as it becomes very difficult at times to accommodate so many vehicles in the shopping mall, hospitals, restaurants, and airports. Airports have allocated a huge area for car parking, but still, it is unable to meet the parking needs of all the passengers.

In the past, the people hired to carry someones else’s carriages or horses were called valets. This concept has been very well implemented in car parking. Valet service also offers similar services to the passengers, where a well-dressed valet is appointed to park your car at a safe parking slot. Later, this concept was adopted by off-site parking operators to facilitate the passengers at crowded airports, to help them get rid of self-parking troubles. Valet services offered by cheap Stansted airport parking operators add luxury and comfort to travel.

Benefits of Valet Airport Parking

Image by Tim Smurf at Unsplash

Valet services offer us a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • It helps us to get rid of self-parking on the flight day, hence allowing us to save a lot of time
  • We don’t have to stress about securing a suitable and safe parking slot in the traditional parking compound
  • Valets are well-trained, insured and professional, who make sure to drive our car safely in the off-site parking lot
  • Assistance in luggage loading and offloading at the terminal

Most of us don’t give the respect that valets deserve from us as a customer. They are helping us to spend a peaceful time at the airport and we must acknowledge it. We can appreciate them by offering them a small amount of money in the name of the tip. It has been noticed that valets are considered to be the servants and the behavior of the passengers is very rude towards them. Imagine the troubles you will have to come across without the services of valet at the terminal. There is nothing wrong to say “Thank You” to someone for making your parking procedure simple, convenient and smooth. They are an important part of our society and we must respect them!

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Why Is There a Restriction to Park on Yellow Lines?

Most people in the UK people don’t know the purpose of yellow lines on the roads.

Due to this unfamiliarity, they are often fined for illegal parking on yellow lines. These lines on the roads indicate that no one is allowed to park or wait in that particular area.

Yellow lines restrict you from parking so that the flow of traffic is not disturbed in the congested areas. These line restrictions are in the public interest and are greatly helping drivers to enjoy their driving, without getting disturbed by illegal parking.

While heading for air travel, make sure to book a meet and greet at Gatwick services in advance to ensure a comfortable start to your journey.

There are two types of yellow lines on the roads:

Single Yellow Lane

Image by

Single Yellow Lines

  • When you see a single yellow line on the road-side, this indicates:
  • Drivers are allowed to stop their vehicles for a short duration, only to pick up or drop off the passengers
  • You are allowed to check your car in case of any technical fault or accident on the road
  • No one is allowed to stay there longer than a specific time
  • Parking times are mostly displayed on a nearby signboard


Double Yellow Lines:

When you see double yellow lines on a road, it means:

  • No one is allowed to park their car in the double yellow lines located on the road
  • You can stop for a few minutes for luggage loading or offloading unless it has been mentioned that stopping the car is not at all allowed
  • All the parking restrictions are displayed on the nearby signboard
  • You are only allowed to park your car on double yellow lines when the police ask you for it or you have to change the flat tyre
Double yellow lane

Image by

Please note that parking on yellow lines is entirely different than airport parking. Spare a few minutes to understand the off-site procedure to compare airport parking deals for your car and save time and effort while planning your trip.

Tried and Tested Tricks to Cope With Your Fear of Flying!

Air travel is a very frightening experience for those who are boarding the plane for the very first time. Those who are novice travellers, feel a great difficulty while planning their travel as they are not fully aware of lots of things, for instance; purchasing tickets, the best way to reach the airport, how to ensure a smooth beginning of your travel and successfully going through the airport security.

Sometimes the feeling of anxiety and stress overshadow them so badly, that entirely ruin their airport experience.

Are you planning your first air travel?

Don’t be stressed, stay calm and make sure to book airport parking Luton in advance, to get rid of any last minute parking troubles.

How to Ensure a Comfortable Travel

As a first step, buy your flight ticket soon after you have finalized your travel plans. You can easily search for details about different airlines and their rates through online research.

The internet gives you a lot of options to book your flight. You can easily compare the features and prices for every airline. Enter your destination and you will be provided with complete details of airfare for a specific place.

Once you have selected a particular airline for your flight booking, select the route and your preferred departure time. Proceed with the online payment instructions.

Soon after completing the payment, you will receive an email with your E-ticket number, confirming your flight booking. Note down the E-ticket number in your cell phone for future reference.

If you have booked a domestic flight, a photo identification card like a driving license will serve the best purpose. While for international flights, you need to carry your passport with minimum six months validity.

When you are done with flight reservations, head towards your travel packing. Check out the luggage allowance limit with your airline and make sure that your luggage does not exceed the limit.

You will have to pay extra charges in case your baggage crosses the allowed limit. Pack your carry-on bag carefully and keep all essential items in it for easy access.

It is recommended for first-time flyers to arrive at the airport with a good margin of time on the departure day. This greatly helps you to deal with any unexpected issue without risking your flight.

For domestic flights, it is advised to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of the flight, while for international flights the recommended time is 3 hours before departure.

Check out your boarding pass to find the gate number for your flight. You can also find it on the electronic displays containing flight information.

Find your gate with the help of signs and then wait for the gate agent to call for boarding. After boarding, find out your seat by checking the seat numbers mentioned above each row. Be seated and get ready to enjoy your first ever flight!

Find out latest airport parking deals from our quality smart parking operators. Compare the feature and prices for each option and then reserve the most suitable one for your car parking.

Why Should You Prefer Meet and Greet Parking Service?

Meet and greet is the ideal parking service for the passengers, looking for smart parking solutions ahead of their departure. You will be dealt with extreme care and attention by your meet and greet parking service provider. Those who do not travel frequently are not very familiar with smart parking solutions. Take a look at the long stay parking Heathrow deals at EzyBook to understand its procedure.

With meet and greet parking options, a chauffeur is appointed to meet you at the airport terminal and collect your car to park it in a safe and secure parking lot, while you enter into the check-in terminal without hanging around in the official parking lot to secure a parking slot. The same procedure is followed upon your arrival.

Meet and greet is a time-saving option that helps you to get rid of all initial stresses and ensure an ideal beginning of your travel. The budgeted travellers very well know the importance of advance arrangements and always recommend novice travellers to proceed with advance parking reservations.

Meet and greet is an efficient parking service due to these reasons:

Best Meet and Greet Parking

Always book a parking service that is reliable and authenticated, so that you can spend the holiday with peace of mind knowing that your car is completely taken care of in your absence. EzyBook makes sure that only those parking operators are enlisted on its website that are providing quality parking services to the passengers.

airport parking lot

Image by Md Amir Salmani at

This parking service is especially suitable for families who are accompanied by small children or those having any mobility issues. Due to chauffeur assistance, it helps you to get rid of official parking troubles as your car is picked up and dropped off at the airport terminal.

If you are reaching the airport to receive your friends or family member, compare airport parking deals at EzyBook and pay the parking service according to your airport stay.

How an Unplanned Trip Can Disturb Your Travel Plans?

Nowadays, travelling and exploring new places has become a passion for travellers. Many people prefer to plan their travels plenty of time before departure, while there are still those, who never plan anything. Air travel never proves to be stressful, when you are appropriately prepared for it.

The airports advise passengers to reach the airport, at least 2 hours before the flight so that the risk of missing the flight can be minimized. This is particularly important when your flight is scheduled from a crowded airport.

Everyone knows that Manchester airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK. Due to the huge number of passengers, the official parking area is unable to meet the parking needs of all the passengers.

When you are stuck in the on-site parking lot and are unable to find an appropriate parking spot for a long time, the entire excitement of your trip is ruined. The situation becomes even worse when you are accompanied by young children.

Travel Plans

Image by Startup Stock Photos at Pexels

A few issues that can leave you stressed at the airport include:

  • Parking troubles
  • No guarantee regarding the safety and security of your car
  • Risk of car damages
  • High parking prices
  • No proper parking slot for your car

The ideal way to get rid of such issues and troubles is to plan and arrange everything associated with your travel in advance. Advance Planning ensures a comfortable and stress free travel for you.

Check out the latest airport parking deals and book the one offering maximum benefits within your budget.

You should opt for a smart parking amenity due to these reasons:

  • Guaranteed parking slot
  • No risk of car damages
  • Easy and stress-free parking procedure
  • Professional and well-trained chauffeurs
  • Get rid of self-parking troubles

Make sure to book an authenticated and dedicated airport parking Manchester amenity and initiate a stress-free beginning of your travel, with peace of mind, knowing that you have hired an appropriate parking service for your vehicle.

Top Tips For Managing Depression While You Are Travelling!

Have you been planning for the holidays for months, but suddenly you have started to feel very tired, no passion or energy for exploration or travel? Have you started avoiding interactions with your friends and close family members and instead prefer sleeping all the time? Those who have experienced travelling with depression in the past must know the trick to deal with such a difficult situation. If you are going through the phase of depression these days, don’t worry, you are not the only one to come across such an issue. About 300 million people worldwide are victims of depression and it is considered to be the most common mental health problem in developed countries.

Check out the latest airport parking Stansted deals at EzyBook to reserve an appropriate parking service for your car, while coping with depression.

Travelling with Depression

Image by quinntheislander at

  • While dealing with depression, you are required to be very careful and well-prepared to ensure a comfortable and stress-free trip for you
  • If your depression seems to be under control, only then consider going with the booking of your flight. You must ensure that no change or flare-up in the medication has been made by your consultant in the last three months.
  • Pack enough supply of anti-depressants or medication in your carry-on luggage so that you don’t need to look at your travel destinations
  • You must require a well-developed plan to stay in touch with your therapist while experiencing a depression attack at the destinations
Lonely traveller at a trip

Image by

  • Don’t expect too much from your trip, they are very difficult to meet. Never think that you will entirely get rid of depression or everything will happen according to plan without much trouble. Sometimes, your depression is instigated by several issues, hence it is really important to get ready for certain unexpected situations
  • Regular exercise and healthy food greatly help to get control of your depression. Be careful while choosing your meals

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Which Are the Most Common Travel Problems?

Do you travel frequently?

Do you have any plans for your upcoming Easter holidays?

First of all, you need to get yourself prepared to handle certain issues that you might come across while travelling. Even when you have planned your travel properly, you might have to come across certain issues at the destination and airport.

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Common Travel Issues

Image by Mantas Hesthaven at


There is a strong chance that one after reaching the destination, when you check-in to your hotel room, you suddenly understand that it is in not way similar to what it was shown during the reservation over the internet? In case you come across a stain on carpet, dirt washroom, or cockroaches on your room or bathroom floor, you must put this matter in the notice of hotel staff and ask them to provide you with a better alternative.


When you feel lost and confused during solo travel, it is quite normal, but you are really disturbed when you have to face issues at the airport, and you start reconsidering your travel plans.

To deal with such problematic situation, try to learn a couple of sentences in local language so that it becomes convenient for you to communicate with locals to handle your loneliness.

Getting sick

If you get sick while being in an unknown country away from your family, it seems to be very scary and frustrating. The situation becomes even more difficult when you have limited access to healthcare due to your unfamiliarity with local language.

To avoid getting sick, make sure to complete your vaccination before your trip and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of falling ill.

Losing your important things

When you unfortunately loss your cell, passport or phone at the bus terminal, hotel or airport, you indulge yourself in lots of troubles. The best solution will be to keep your important things in the handbag that you carry with you during the whole trip.

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Making Airport Parking Stress-Free for Travellers!

What are your travel plans for the upcoming Easter holidays? If you are planning a trip to one of your favourite destinations. What about the arrangement of travel essentials? Have you booked your flight and accommodation at the destination? What about the parking arrangements for your car at the airport? If these are still pending, what are you waiting for? If you do not travel frequently, you must be familiar with the tensions and troubles that airport parking can offer to the travellers reaching the airport without any advance arrangements.

Miniature model multi story car park

Image by

Image Source:

Official parking must be avoided due to its high parking prices. It also takes no responsibility regarding the safety of the vehicles in the official parking area.

EzyBook makes sure that quality parking services are provided at major and crowded airports in the UK i.e. Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, and Stansted. When you are scheduled to fly from one of these airports, you are provided with a comparison of different parking options at EzyBook, so that you can select the most convenient option for your vehicle. You will need to spend an extra 10 minutes online before your light day so that you can secure a discounted code, ultimately helping you to cut your parking price.

EzyBook – Smart Parking Solutions

Image by Michael Gaida at

Image Source:

All our parking service providers are authenticated, trustworthy and ensure the provision of good and quality parking services to the travellers. The reservation method is straight ahead, simple and straightforward. While looking for a suitable airport parking service, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Browse EzyBook website
  2. Enter the dates you will be travelling and the name of your departure airport
  3. Enter your departure and arrival time
  4. After clicking the search button, you will be provided with a list of car parks available within your dates
  5. Compare parking options along with their prices and features
  6. Choose an option that matches your parking needs and budget
  7. Proceed with the online payment procedure to book your parking slot
  8. A confirmation email will be sent to you with further instructions that you need to follow on the day of your departure

Check out cheap airport parking deals at EzyBook to reserve the most suitable option for your car.

An automatic discount code will be added to your search for every airport so that you can avail of the discount without any hidden cost. Below are the minimum prices for airport parking at these airports:

Birmingham Airport Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £16.51
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £20.51

Manchester Airport Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £20.00
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £23.00

Gatwick Airport Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £34.99
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £38.99

Book a meet and greet Luton parking services while looking for economic airport parking options for your vehicle.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair – Which is the Most Budgeted Airline in 2020?

EasyJet and Ryanair are two European biggest and famous budgeted airlines. Both of them accommodate about 240 million passengers every year around the continent.

In this blog, we will be comparing these two airlines in terms of some operational statistics. Most of these figures have been taken from their 2019 website annual report.

Budgeted UK Airlines

Image by skeeze

Image Source:

Easyjet, established in 1995, has its headquarter based in London Luton Airport, UK. Its inaugural flight was from Luton to Glasgow on 10th November 1995 via Boeing 737 aircraft. The first international route was London Luton to Amsterdam, which started in 1996.

Budgeted UK Airlines

Image by skeeze

Image Source:

Ryanair, established in 1985 is headquartered at Dublin Airport in Ireland. The inaugural flight was made from Waterford to London Gatwick on 8th July 1985, via 15-seater Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante turboprop aircraft.

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Airports and Routes

Easyjet has 30 bases, currently serving 159 airports with 1051 routes, with its main base at London Gatwick (LGW). Ryanair has 86 bases, serves 219 airports with 2100 international routes. Its main base at London Stansted (STN)

Website had an average of 22 million monthly visits between July-December 2019, ranking it at number 10 in terms of airline industry traffic.

While Ryanair’s website average monthly visits are around 44 million between July-December 2019, ranking at number 1.


Annually 96.1 million passengers travel via Easyjet, with 91.5% average load factor. It makes an average of 263,000 passengers in a day. That number may vary during the peak summer season.

About 142 million passengers fly via Ryanair every year with an average load factor of 96%. It makes an average of 389,000 passengers in a day.


Easyjet has 331 aircraft in its fleet, which includes 125 Airbus. Its aircraft are utilized for about 10.9 hours a day. While on the other hand, Ryanair has 455 Boeing 737 aircraft, utilizing its aircraft or about 9 hours a day.


Easyjet average fare is about  £52, while the average fare for Ryanair airline is about £32.

Luggage allowance:


Budgeted UK Airlines

Image by tookapic

Image Source:

Easyjet allows passengers to carry 1 bag without any weight limit. The bag’s maximum dimensions should be 5 x 45 x 25 cm, with handles and wheels included.

Ryanair is also allowing bringing 1 carry on bag with 40x20x25cm  dimensions and it must be placed under the front seat.


The Easyjet staff members count is 15,000 in total with 4,000 pilots and over 9,000 cabin crew. While Ryanair has 16,840 staff members with 5446 pilots and around 10,000 crew members.

Summary:  Easyjet vs Ryanair

According to the figures, Ryanair can be considered a statistically bigger airline and its fares are also slightly lower than Easyjet and other competitors.

Both airlines must continue their operations and should even expand them, but following the UK’s Brexit decision of leaving the EU, there are certain uncertainties regarding the airlines landscape.

So, which airline you will opt for your upcoming travel? Whether you choose Easyjet or Ryanair, don’t forget to arrange your airport parking Heathrow in advance to get rid of any troubles on the departure day.

Disclaimer: The information presented might change with time; we try our best to provide the most up to date and accurate information though we are not liable in case of any inaccuracies.

Coronavirus – How to Protect Yourself While Travelling?

Coronavirus breakouts in one of China’s most populous cities have killed at least 900 people and infected more than 40,000 people to date.

This disease has spread quickly to at least 25 countries other than China. The UK, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Italy and Japan are a few to name among those affected by this virus and the list goes on.

A coronavirus is a large group of viruses that specifically affect the respiratory tract. A person infected with coronavirus will catch a cold, pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The authorities suspect that this virus has transferred from animals to a plant at a seafood market, and later humans have started to transmit the virus to one another.

In response to this outbreak, about 60 major airlines have cancelled their flights to China worldwide, while some countries have restricted travel to and from China, from their lands. This action has been taken in response to the views of the risk management solution experts, who have unanimously stated that such virus spread like a wildfire, due to travelling.

While travelling, avoid close contact with people who are already sick, particularly those with the common cold or pneumonia symptoms such as cough or runny nose.

For care-free travel, consider booking cheap airport parking deals for hassle-free journey.

Coronavirus Has Greatly Affected China

Image by geralt at

Image source:

Common Symptoms of Coronavirus

Some common symptoms of this virus include:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Chills

Precautionary measures

Make sure to follow these precautionary measures:

  • You must wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and make sure to scrub it for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. For the time being, there is no vaccination to protect humans from coronavirus to contract it.
  • Avoid getting in contact with the people already suffering from this virus
  • If you feel sick with a fever, cough or any difficulty in breathing, make sure to get medical assistance at your earliest
  • Avoid travelling while being sick
  • While sneezing or coughing, make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue or your sleeve

How is Coronavirus transmitted to human beings?

Scientists believe that Coronavirus has started from the local seafood market where live animals were being sold. The evidence has suggested so far that this has more likely spread from bats to mammals, potentially pigs or civets – before finally jumping to human beings. The chances of direct hopping from the bat are also quite possible.

China has announced the banning of live animal trade countrywide. The most affected city Wuhan has already done so!

Which countries have been affected by the virus?

The virus started affecting Asia before reaching the US and Europe. As of today, there are 32 cases in Thailand, 43 in Singapore, while 26 such cases have been reported in Japan. 27 patients have been reported in South Korea, 15 in Australia and 14 in Germany, while Taiwan has 18 and the USA has 12.

To date, there have been 40,547 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide and 910 among them have died. The figure might change with each passing day!

Note: For more updated statistics, you can also visit (

Twenty US airports are screening passengers for Coronavirus to identify those suffering from it so that they can be detained at the airport.

Many countries have evacuated their citizens and employees from China, especially the Wuhan city.

Budget Travel Tips for New Year

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What is the situation in Wuhan?

Public transport has been seized in Wuhan. Trains and aeroplanes coming in and out of the city have been halted to prevent the exit of taxis and cars as roadblocks are also installed. 11 million residents of Wuhan have been asked not to leave the city until it is essential. 200 Americans who were called back to the U.S. last week have been placed under a 14-day quarantine.

How is China Tourism getting affected by Coronavirus?

All tourist spots in China have been shuttered temporarily. Shanghai Disneyland has been closed since 25th January for the indefinite period. The Badaling section of China’s Great Wall has been temporarily closed as well.

If you have travelled to China in the past few days and you are feeling sick, do consult a doctor and let him know about your travel history.

Those who are sick must be isolated so that the spread of this virus can be stopped. If you have any business travel plans to China, cancel them until the Chinese get control over this virus. Continuous research is being done by medical scientists to find vaccinations for this life-threatening virus, but until now they have been unsuccessful.

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A Poor Parking Plan Can Spoil Your Travel

While planning your travel, you need to be very careful and conscious about certain things that are essential for a happy and peaceful trip.  But keep in mind, minor negligence can entirely spoil your travel. You need to plan your travel perfectly and with full attention whether you are heading for a shorter or longer trip. A good and advanced parking plan is very essential for the safety of your car. It should be given top priority as any poor parking experience lays the foundation for a stressful and unpleasant journey for you.

As a result of the bad parking experience, you may have to face:

Disadvantages of Poor Airport Parking

Why is a suitable parking plan important for happy travel? Let me explain with proper reasons. For instance, if you have not arranged a parking service for your car and have decided to leave it home, still you will keep on worrying about its safety while being away from home. Someone can still steal it when no one will be at home to take care of it. Also, you will require a taxi that can take you to the airport for the flight day. While choosing a local parking service, you will be facing a similar situation.

Booking an off-site meet and greet at Gatwick amenity would be the ideal solution for all such concerns and doubts. It not only ensures the safety of your vehicle but also proves to be a simple, easy to understand and cost-effective option for budget travellers.


A happy traveller at Gatwick airport

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Due to tough competition in the market, most of the airport parking companies try to offer multiple deals to attract passengers. You can simply compare airport parking deals and then choose the most suitable one according to your parking needs and budget. Be careful and try choosing the best option for your car. It will be worth comparing several services before completing the online reservation. Due to a number of discounted codes being offered for those proceeding with online reservations, you might be able to avail a good discount.

Meet and greet is the service appreciated by most of the passengers, as it gets them rid of self-parking troubles of the departure day.

How Travelling is Affected by Zodiac Signs – Part Two!

As discussed last week, zodiac signs tell us about the travelling nature of people, so that we can accompany them with energy and mindset similar to us for tours. Previously we discussed zodiac signs starting from Aries to Virgo. Here comes part two for you to understand, what are the preferences and the nature of other signs when it comes to travelling.

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Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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The Libras are very social people, but are indecisive when it comes to travel planning. They are autumn babies and really don’t like outdoor activities and plan it with great difficulties. They love travelling in a balanced environment unlike Leo, never prefer splendor. They prefer going to places where they are able to get an organized environment, things, and little input. They are true food and shopping lovers and enjoy trying unique food. A group travel package will be ideal for Libras as they very well know how to enjoy while being part of a group.

Scorpio (23rd October – 22nd November)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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These people have the most intense travelling nature, among all zodiac signs and never let things go anyway. They are a bit reserve in the beginning of travel and you can not judge about their energy level due to their mysterious nature. Being a traveller, they are more curious about the places and will love exploration he historically valuable places. A well planned holidays are always more preferable than to go for the unexpected vacation. Due to their high energy level, sometimes it becomes really challenging to travel with  Scorpio sometimes.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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They are very talkative by nature, but while travelling with them you will find an entirely different side. They always look for peace and do not appreciate anyone’s interference, especially when they are quiet. They are inherent tourists and greatly love adventure and leisure vacations. While heading for a holiday trip, Aries people are their best match. They mostly choose remote places for travelling and prefer trekking, camping, and mountaineering.

Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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Capricorns are truly fun seeking people and enjoy all types of routines. They love traditional and old things and love going at the places where things are readily available. Capris greatly loves the company of hi-fi people and prefer going to the lively places and markets. Sydneys, Melbourne and Queensland are among the few places that a Capricorn will love the most while travelling.

Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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Being solace in nature, Acquarian are quite different from other people. They are of leisure in life and love making new friends wherever they go. They greatly like hustle and bustle and prefer going to the well trodden city. They are the best astrologer. While travelling in the Middle East country, they are best travelling companions.

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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These are kindest and soft heart by nature and are readily available to help others. Due to their simple nature, they don’t have any specific choice for travelling. They are fond of tours and like to visit the flower valleys and mountainous regions. Spain, Ireland and Columbia are the perfect places for Pisces to  travel.

Who will be your best travel partner, according to your zodiac sign? Share your feedback!

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How Travelling Is Affected by Zodiac Signs? – Part One!

Have you ever wondered about the travelling interests and preferences of people around you, especially while travelling in the group? Whether you believe or not, nature greatly varies to maintain the momentum throughout the trip. We prefer going with the like-minded people, as we easily mix with them and have a joyful and peaceful time.

Zodiac signs greatly help to escort the people having similar nature. It also lets us know about our nature and what kind of things we can easily get through during travel. If you are among those who never check their zodiac signs before reaching the travelling place, check out a few amazing facts below to understand your travelling nature.

Aries (21st March – 20th April)


Aries (21st March – 20th April)

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It’s not like that an Aries seeks the travel adventure, but actually adventure seeks an Aries! Surprised! But it is damn true. Due to their energetic and enthusiastic nature, travelling becomes a simple and easier task for Aries. Due to their nature, they proficiently deal with the obstacles in their way. Aries love to travel alone because they actually love their company and never want to ignore themselves in the mid of the journey. Rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering, biking fiesta, and rafting are some of the activities that they love doing while travelling. Hence, make sure to maintain a high level of energy while travelling with an Aries.

Taurus (21st April – 20th May)


Taurus (21st April – 20th May)

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Never consider Taurus to be the laziest people, but make sure to go for proper planning before asking them to travel. Their careful nature thrives for the proper arrangements and schedules before the beginning of the trip. Taurus people carry out detailed research before visiting a place, hence they are fully informed about the destination even before reaching there. Hence, if you are planning a travel with them, make sure to arrange travel essentials like flight booking, cheap airport parking Luton, and accommodation booking in advance. Taurus people anticipate for good food, leisure and peace, and love to search for things that have unique and attractive nature.

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)


Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

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You can never doubt the social and sensitive nature of a Gemini. One of the most social signs in the zodiac is Gemini and they greatly enjoy the company of their friends and family while travelling. They are true lovers of hustle and bustle around them. Places rich in traditions, culture, and full of life are actually the weakness of a Gemini. Places like Hongkong, Japan, Dubai, Thailand, Melbourne, Tokyo, and London greatly suits the travelling nature of Gemini people.

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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Cancer always seeks for a comfortable and peaceful life and hardly comes out of their shell/comfort zone. Their comfort-seeking nature is greatly carved for a convenient, stress-free and smooth travel. Being the most sentimental among all zodiac signs, they are more than happy to visit their memories. They prefer visiting the same place again and again due to its nostalgic nature. They hardly love the sudden change in plan or adventures and always prefer to choose customized packages for a tour. Water is the weakness of Cancerians. Hence, if you are planning a surprise trip for your Cancerian partner, plan a beach holiday trip and then you will witness the level of the energy and excitement of your spouse.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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A Lion always prefers to be noticed and carves for a dynamic environment. If you are considering a world exploration tour, then it would be a great idea to choose a Leo for your world tour! They usually don’t like a hefty holiday. Luxury tours are their ultimate preferences and only enjoy a trip when they are accompanied by their friends. They are the most generous people and love spending over their loved ones. You will greatly enjoy the royalty, elegance, and exuberance while travelling with a Leo friend.

Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)


Zodiac Signs Impact Your Travel

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Once you have stepped into the hotel of a Virgo’s choice while travelling, you will certainly find perfection and class all around. Due to their classy nature, they always make perfect choices and always stick around with the well-oriented things. They make a list of items carefully before leaving for a trip and never miss anything that is essential. You get a sense of peace and satisfaction while travelling with a Virgo, as they beautifully manage the travel. They love visiting multiple places on a  trip due to their habbit of learning new things while travelling.

Keep Visiting for Part Two!

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Flybe Airlines Commenced to End Its Guernsey-Heathrow Route!

In summer 2020 schedule for Flybe Airlines, the Guernsey-Heathrow route is not included, hence commencing the 28th March Flight to be the last one!

In an ongoing declaration, Flybe will end its route from Guernsey to Heathrow and will begin flights to London Southend.

According to Flybe’s official statement, it is rather very disappointing that the air link will not continue into summer 2020. Nonetheless, from 27 May, Flybe will be beginning its Guernsey-London Southend services.

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In 2019, Guernsey had to pay Flybe £28 per passenger as a subsidy to continue this route from March to October.

Flybe Airline Guernsey-Heathrow Route

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Image Source:

In a statement, a Flybe spokesperson has assured that they will continue to explore and assess any possible opportunities soon that can in way support a long-term commitment to the Guernsey-Heathrow route.

Guernsey-Heathrow started a year ago and without precedent for more than 20 years, the island became associated with London’s busiest air terminal.

While speaking about the end of this route, president of economic development Charles Parkinson was disappointed for not being able to continue the Heathrow season this summer, but at the same time, he confirmed about filling this gap by operating the London Southend route.

The declaration followed the decision by Flybe’s franchise partner, Blue Islands, who has dropped its Guernsey routes to Southend and Liverpool.

Aircraft Manchester -Flybe

Image by

Image Source:

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Huge Flight Sale Launched by Ryanair Airline!

A total of 62 destinations has been added to offer, Venice, Krakow, Corfu,  Marseille, Ibiza, Hamburg and Milan all included!

If you are still a victim of January blues and are running a bit short of cash, then it would be a perfect time to plan a getaway. Thanks to Ryanair for launching a huge flight sale.

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So what you are waiting for?

Hurry up, book your flight with Ryanair to one of your favorite destinations. Once you have booked a flight, then obviously you will need to arrange your airport park and when you are running low with the budget, then your ultimate preference will be to reserve an amenity at discounted rates.

Ryanair Cheap Flight Deals

Image by Tieske (pixabay)

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How to React In Case You lose Your Passport?

Just a few hours are left until you leave for the airport. You peep into your bag to check if you have placed your passport, wallet, keys, etc., but then you suddenly realize that the passport is missing. You reopen your suitcase, all of your bags and pockets, but still, find it missing. 

Oh, no!

Your passport has been lost!

What the hell will you do at the last moment?

Okay! Stay calm, don’t worry. There are still a number of things that can help you out with this issue!

How to Deal with Passport Loss

Image by Omar Markhieh at

Image Source:

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According to research, every year about 50,000 British people lose their passports while abroad, ultimately costing them about £5 Million!

As a first step, you need to report your passport theft/loss at the GOV website here, hence preventing the others from using your identity.

Cancel a lost or stolen passport

Try to keep as much evidence as possible to prove your identity. Keep a number of your passport copies, so that in case you lose it, you can present them when required. You can apply here for an emergency travel document. This document can help you to reach home safely! However, if you have come to know about a passport lost in the middle of travelling, then you can only go to 5 countries only. It’s mentioned in the emergency document when you can enter or leave a country. If you need a last-minute “passport” you will need to show this emergency document.

Get an emergency travel document

Money doesn’t matter when you are in some sort of trouble. 2 days processing is required to attain this document. It is really important to act fast when you come to know that you have lost your passport.

While on travel, try keeping the necessary travel documents in a safe place in the hotel like a locked drawer. Use an alternate identity while exploring locally, so that your passport is safe and secure. In case, you have to take the passport with you due to certain reasons, keep in the pocket of your coat that you don’t use frequently, to minimize the risk of falling out while taking out the wallet from your pocket.

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How To Avoid Being Sick While Travelling?

Getting sick is an essential part of everyone’s life, but once you are travelling, you are more exposed to varying environments, viruses, bugs and parasites. While planning a long holiday trip, the chances of catching one or more bug multiplies. You can reduce the risk of getting ill if you successfully combat the risk factors contributing to the sickness predominantly.

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Hygiene Keeps You Away from Sickness

Image by Gentle07

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Hand washing plays an important role to keep you away from being sick. Although it may sound to be very basic, but surprisingly many people either ignore it or forget to wash hands very often. Hand hygienic plays a great role in stopping the spread of infections. You can easily avoid food poisoning, vomits, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, flu, and even hepatitis A, by washing your hands regularly, especially before eating.

Hygiene Water Keeps You Away from Sickness

Image by Arnie Watkins

Image Source:

When you are not pretty much sure if the local water is clean and pure, it’s better not to risk your health and buy bottled water during the travel. Make sure to have a look at the seal on the bottle top to double-check if the bottle has not been re-filled.

Diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems are mainly caused due to food contamination during travel. To rule out any contamination chances, prefer eating fresh and carefully cooked food items. Any salads washed under local tap water or fruits and vegetables that have not been peeled by you, need to be avoided to reduce the risk of catching a certain infection or disease.

When your gut does not readily digest the food or in case you have taken a portion of food that is completely new to your stomach, then it gives rise to food intolerance, resulting in severe pains, vomits, cramps, heartburn and as server as diarrhea. In most of the cases, it is not very serious and the person easily recovers from it within a few hours or a day.

healthcare professional

Image by EVG photos

Image Source:

Take an appointment with your healthcare professional before heading a trip, to check out if you are required to take any vaccination essential in your travelling country. Complete your vaccination before your flight day to get rid of any serious health problems during the trip.

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