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Find the Best Thermal Spas in Hungary

We invite you to dive into the healing, warm waters of Hungary’s best thermal spas. These are places of relaxation and history in picturesque settings that look like they were lifted straight from a fairytale. Join UK’s Ezybook on an adventure to discover the 10 best thermal spas in Hungary. This country is known for its hot springs. Get ready to relax in Hungary’s best spots, from the grand bathhouses of Budapest to the hidden gems that are found in the country.

Easing into Your Hungarian Spa Adventure

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Szechenyi thermal bath: the iconic Budapest Experience

The Szechenyi thermal bath is one of Europe’s most popular and largest complexes. The Neo-Baroque architectural beauty of the Szechenyi Thermal Bath, located in Budapest’s heart, is just as relaxing to the mind as the water. Szechenyi is a place where you can enjoy leisure, culture and fun.

Gellert Thermal Bath – Elegance in Art Nouveau

Gellert is another jewel of Budapest. It offers a unique experience in Art Nouveau style. Gellert Thermal Bath is a time machine. From the intricate mosaics on its floors to the grand columns that surround its pools, it is not just a relaxing place. The mineral-rich water is perfect for relaxing your muscles after exploring the city.

Heviz Lake: A Natural Wonder

The second-largest thermal lake in the world offers a unique experience. Heviz Lake’s waters are warm all year round and are also known for their therapeutic properties. Surrounded by lush vegetation, every dip feels like you have escaped to nature’s spa.

Debrecen’s Nagyerdei Water Park: Fun Meets Wellness

The waterpark at this spa in Debrecen is a unique twist on the thermal experience. It combines the excitement of the slides and pools with the healing benefits of the thermal waters. This is a great spot for anyone who wants to spice up their spa experience.

Egerszalok Salt Hill is a sight to behold

A spa is located near Eger, next to a unique geological wonder—the hillside of mineral deposits formed from thermal water flowing downhill. It looks like a slope covered in snow. The spa’s mineral-rich waters offer healing, and Salt Hill’s sight adds to the relaxation.

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath: A Subterranean Sanctuary

Imagine floating in cave passages that are filled with hot thermal water. Light filters through, creating a surreal atmosphere. Miskolctapolca Cave Bath is a unique spa that has been carved out of natural caves.

Zalakaros Thermal Spa, Hungary’s Hidden Gem

Zalakaros is smaller than some of its famous rivals, but it compensates for this with charm and tranquillity. The waters of Zalakaros are some of the warmest in Hungary, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits and tranquillity that thermal bathing can offer.

Aqua Dome Langenfeld – Modernity meets Tradition

A short detour through Austria to the Aqua Dome will give you a taste of how a modern spa design can be enhanced by a thermal experience. The futuristic outdoor swimming pools, with their stunning views of the mountains and surrounding landscapes, are a stark contrast to Hungary’s historical baths. This offers a new perspective on Central Europe’s thermal traditions.

Tamasi Thermal Baths: Fun for the whole family and wellness

Tamasi Thermal Bath, located in the picturesque countryside is ideal for families who are looking to relax. It’s an area where fun and wellness go together, with facilities for all ages.

Kiraly Thermal Bath – A Quiet Nook in Budapest

Kiraly Thermal Bath is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The history of the bath dates back to Ottoman times, offering a relaxing soak in pools with a rich history.


It’s more than a holiday when you visit Hungary’s best thermal spas. You’ll be immersed in a centuries-old tradition of beauty and wellness. Each resort in Hungary offers something unique, from the grand bathhouses of Budapest to the hidden gems scattered across rural areas. Start your holiday with a relaxing experience by choosing a cheap airport parking at Gatwick. This will ensure a relaxed start and set the scene for an unforgettable trip. You will return with not only the joy and relaxation of the thermal water but also an appreciation for Hungary’s rich history and its long-lasting hospitality.