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Ezybook - Wonders of France

Wonders of France: 7 Best Places to Visit with Family 

Begin an exhilarating adventure through its picturesque landscapes, historical wonders, and family-oriented attractions – everything from charming cobbled streets of Paris to sunny shores of Cote d’Azur; France offers plenty of destinations suited for adventure seekers or relaxation seekers alike! Join us as we reveal the top 7 spots across France where memories will last a lifetime with loved ones!

Attaining Your French Getaway

Preparing to visit France requires more than packing bags and planning itineraries: it involves making every aspect of your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible – starting with driving to the airport and choosing convenient parking services like Manchester airport parking deals with meet and greet services to make family travel simpler than ever – plus saving money by comparing Manchester airport cheap parking deals early, giving more to spend on unforgettable family experiences in France!

Disneyland Paris Is Every Child’s Dream

Disneyland Paris makes magic real! Your children will meet all their favourite characters – from Mickey Mouse and Minnie to Elsa from Frozen! This park was designed for all ages to enjoy, including thrilling roller coasters and magical parades! Plus, there’s Walt Disney Studios Park next door, where movie magic comes to life through interactive shows, behind-the-scenes tours, and rides that make you feel like the star of your own adventure film!

Loire Valley: Castles and Countryside

Every turn along the Loire Valley’s winding roads unveils yet another magnificent chateau, each one telling its own unique tale. Take a guided tour through Chateau de Chambord for its exquisite French Renaissance architecture combined with traditional medieval forms, or visit Chateau de Chenonceau across River Cher, renowned for its beautiful gardens; bike or hot air balloon ride opportunities are also great ways to see its captivating countryside scenery!

Mont Saint-Michel: Medieval Marvel

Stepping onto Mont Saint-Michel is like entering an epic historical epic. The island commune features an 11th-century monastery crowned by medieval fortified walls; climbing its steep steps can be difficult but well worth the climb for spectacular views and a sense of accomplishment at its summit. Explore its abbey before rewarding yourselves and your family with some local specialities, such as crepes or omelettes, from one of several cosy eateries scattered through the medieval villages.

Nice is more than a beach destination; it is also an engaging cultural centre filled with museums, galleries, and vibrant markets that engage all five senses. Visit Musee Matisse to introduce modern art in an accessible way while spending an afternoon at Promenade du Paillon park which boasts play areas, water features and plenty of space for kids to run free and run free in its green space. As night falls stroll along Promenade des Anglais for some shopping before returning for some ice cream along Promenade des Anglais for dinnertime strolling between street performers and waves!

Futuroscope: Futuristic Fun

Futuroscope’s cinematic and multimedia attractions stand apart from those offered at traditional theme parks, providing cutting-edge experiences through dynamic cinema experiences, 3D and 4D rides, and educational exhibits that children, as well as adults, will find thrilling. Take advantage of the evening show featuring water features accompanied by lights and music that’s sure to entertain all family members present!

Climb the Dune of Pilat for an Adventure… Summiting the Dune of Pilat is an adventure unto itself; once at its summit, breathtaking panoramic views of both ocean and forest await your gaze. Kids especially will delight in running down its dunes, making for an awesome way to burn some energy before lunchtime! Bring along a picnic and spend all day here discovering nature’s magnificent and distinctive landscape!

Puy du Fou Brings History Alive

Puy du Fou provides a truly captivating mix of historical reenactment and amusement park entertainment, making history come alive for children of all ages! Experience gladiator battles in an amphitheatre replica to Viking invasions and knights on horseback – Puy du Fou makes history exciting, accessible, and captivating so children are inspired to discover more of its past!

The French Alps: Adventure in Nature

The French Alps offer more than skiing; in their warmer months, they become ideal destinations for hiking, mountain biking and paragliding activities. Home to national parks such as Vanoise and Ecrins, where wildlife roam freely alongside hidden lakes that boast fresh mountain air – many resorts even provide family-friendly packages that include activities for all age ranges to make exploring this picturesque region easy and affordable!

Provence Is an Absolute Delight

Provence will captivate all five senses while soothing your soul, from its majestic lavender fields to charming village life in Roussillon and Gordes, where ancient streets lead you through ancient markets selling local products artisanal in nature, cooking classes, art workshops, and horseback riding are just a few activities families can share together in Provence.

Cherish Memories Made in France with Ezybook

If you are travelling from the UK to France on this family trip, Ezybook can create lasting bonds and memories that you will treasure for life. Each destination in France boasts unique attractions so that every family member returns home full of stories. From Disneyland Paris’ magical attractions to the natural splendour of the French Alps – every destination in France provides ample opportunity for exploration, learning and growth together – so pack your bags, secure airport parking and get ready for an incredible journey into its heart!