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The Hidden Benefits of Meet and Greet Gatwick Parking

The Luton meet and greet parking is a famous service that is offered to the passengers. The people who normally opted for much cheaper parking services now prefer to meet and greet parking while looking for long stay parking Gatwick options.

What most people don’t understand is that there are several hidden advantages to this amenity, which means that it is not confined to simply reducing the time and effort of the individual.

You can play your part by inquiring about the company about the requirements they have in order to appoint an individual as a professional chauffeur.

Gatwick Airport Parking

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Always remember that a well-reputed authority will never hesitate from disclosing their security measures. With this parking amenity, which is mainly due to the advanced techniques used, the most relaxing experience is given to travelers.

Look for discount deals before pre-booking a meeting and greeting service at Luton airport so you can take advantage of additional benefits. Traveler can easily discover a discount code if they seek out the best airport parking deals before time.

The parking space will be decided as soon as you make a reservation and the chauffeur will make sure you arrive on time. You’re spared from the hassle of getting stuck in the on-site parking complex.

Gatwick Meet and Greet Secrets

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After arrival, you should inspect the vehicle thoroughly to assess any additional damage done to the car during the time it was parked. A steadfast company takes over and pays for the extra dents on the vehicle.

Baby and Family-Friendly Destinations for this Christmas!

Have you decided to go for the holidays along with your family and small babies, then it is an awesome idea! It is a great and ideal way to take your young ones on a tour so that they can open their eyes to the new cultures and traditions of life, explore various attractions, and keep them on their toes to try different activities.

The most important step in planning a holiday trip is to choose a child-friendly spot. We are listing out some great family-friendly destinations to help you in planning a perfect trip. To begin with, make sure to reserve meet and greet Manchester services in advance for a stress-free beginning to your trip.

Tokyo, Japan

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  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, with all of its attractions, can be a fun destination for the whole family. Your kids will enjoy the bright, colourful culture, along with many children-centric things. You can take your kids on the rickshaw ride, Sega game centre, take a cruise and head on to Tokyo Disneyland. The crime rate is minimal there, making it a peaceful destination for the tourists.

Millennium Bridge, London, United Kingdom

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  1. London, England

Due to its stroller-friendly streets, and general attitude, London, is among the most child-friendly cities in Europe. You can keep your kids occupied with tons of activities like taking them to children’s theatre, city farms, and parks. There is free entry to the London Eye, Tower of London, and Madam Tussauds for kids under 5.

Beautiful beach sight in Oahu, Hawaii

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  1. Oahu, Hawaii

It is the perfect Hawaiian island for families and first-time visitors. It’s super easy, affordable and joyful to travel in this bustling city. Do not forget to take your child to the Children’s Discovery Center – a museum where various exhibits have been made for kids so that they can learn and play with them. Also, plan to visit the beaches there, that are very calm, and your little one will enjoy splashing around in the shallow water.

Gold Coast, Australia

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  1. Gold Coast, Australia

Not only is it amazingly beautiful, but it has a plethora of family-oriented hotels, kid-friendly restaurants and a lot of stroller-friendly attractions. This great city receives an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and is a great destination for those seeking warm temperatures. Your kids will enjoy theme parks, beaches, playgrounds, cruises, water parks and a lot of beaches there.

Snowy roads in Montreal, Canada

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  1. Montreal, Canada

It is a European style city and has a lot of big parks and unique attractions, hence making it a great city to take the family. Along with various kids-friendly restaurants, it is home to a lot of toddler-friendly playgrounds, indoor amusement parks, and Biodome. Please bear in mind that old Montreal being cobblestone has narrow pavement, hence there is not much room for the strollers, so plan your trip accordingly.

Have you decided on your destination? Now proceed with the reservation of flight, cheap airport parking at your earliest to get rid of any last-minute troubles.

How Do Reviews Help in Finding a Valid Parking Service?

You need to notice a few things ahead of your arrival at the airport for your flight day. Parking is among the major and most important tasks at the airport. Parking becomes a real trouble, especially in the peak holiday season, like Christmas and New Year. Stansted airport is seen to be jam-packed during this period of earth and the passengers have to come across real trouble while finding a suitable spot for their airport parking.

Due to smart parking solutions, the problems of parking have been reduced to a great extent. Most passengers, especially those travelling frequently prefer booking off-site parking rather than waiting in the never-ending parking lane.

Traveller thinking about review

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Due to its luxurious parking services, people prefer to avail smart meet and greet airport parking Stansted services. With this parking option, you are instructed to reach the airport terminal and hand over your vehicle to the chauffeur, who takes it to the secure parking area to park it in your reserved spot. Meanwhile, make your way to the check-in terminal.  Many people become confused about the legality of the parking service as no one can analyse the authentication of the parking service at first.

Check out the tips below to check the authentication of meet and greet parking:

  • Online Research
  • Website for parking service
  • Reservation procedure
  • Terms and conditions of the company
  • Compare airport parking rates from different companies
  • Quality of the parking service
  • Check out the reviews of the customers


Car Parking Lot

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To find out the best and legal off-site parking facility is to check out the reviews of the customers on the website, google, and Facebook pages. This practice will readily help you to judge other people’s experience regarding the reliability of the company, the quality of the services and its virtual presence.

You can read out the good or bad reviews of the customers regarding the services of the specific parking service. While selecting a meet and greet parking service, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the company to avoid any confusion at the later stage.

How Valet Parking Service is Facilitating the Passengers?

To ensure a joyful and peaceful trip for you, make sure to plan your travel essential carefully. Always plan your travel within your budget. While speaking about airport parking, search our for secure and inexpensive Heathrow airport cheap parking options.  If you have decided to choose the official parking for your car, then apart from paying the high parking fee, you will never be guaranteed the safety of your car while you will be traveling. This will not only disturb your budget but will also keep you stressed and concerned about your vehicle.

Valet airport parking Heathrow is the cheap, safe, reliable and secure parking option for the passengers. Today I will be sharing a few benefits of valet parking that will help you to decide your next airport parking. The reservation process is simple and easy to understand. Avail online facility to book the parking slot according to your parking needs. Valet parking is one of the luxurious parking options for the passengers looking for quality parking services and that too at lower prices than the official parking.

On the flight day, once you reach the mutually decided to meet up spot, you are greeted by the professional valet.


Valet Airport Parking Heathrow

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Valet is not only responsible to provide you with airport parking services but is also appointed to assist you with the luggage handling while commuting to the check-in terminal. Once you proceed with the boarding procedure, he drives your car to the spot reserved for it. You can also add a car wash facility while booking a  valet service so that a neat and clean car is dispatched to you upon arrival. Upon your return, inform your parking operator ahead of your arrival, so that valet can be sent to hand over your car. In case your car is damaged, you can register the complaint to your reserved parking service.

While choosing the airport parking deals slot for your car, don’t forget to compare the prices and benefits associated with each parking service before reserving the best one for you.

Meet and Greet Parking – Ultimate Guide for Novice Travelers!

Do you know what will be the condition of your vehicle in your absence while you will be having fun during the holiday break?

Don’t you want to be tension free regarding the security of your car before heading for the vacations?

During the peak travel hours, there are certain issues and parking is the most prominent among all.

These situations become problematic when you have not planned well or are afraid of budget disruptions. That is why it is strongly recommended to plan your travel appropriately.

Luton Airport Parking

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Parking compounds are fully engaged throughout the holidays at all major UK airports and especially at Luton airport. If you want to be carefree throughout the vacations, then this blog is going to help you a lot from the beginning to end.

Apart from immigration queues, many of you have also witnessed the jam-packed parking spots. To make a stress free parking experience there is a driver which makes the progression easy and gives you the alternative of complicated procedures.

Book cheap Luton airport parking services to manage entire parking operations and ensures the safety of the car at the fully safe compound.

Thousands of passengers are utilizing meet and greet parking service and overall are satisfied with its lucrative approach. But there are a few passengers whose expectations have gone totally wrong from reality.


  • The car must be parked in a safe parking compound
  • No damages at all
  • Monitored 24/7 by the staff


  • Car Left in the open fields or streets
  • Mud strewed on the wheels upon return
  • No safety measures being taken for the vehicles


The doubts cannot be denied in the peak traveling season there is an immense increase in con activities.  It happened due to selecting the unpopular and rouge firm. If you reserve a reliable parking service, there will be lesser chances of receiving a bad experience.

Before reserving the online service make sure to go through the terms and conditions and check the authentication of a company. For discounted packages, advance reservation is the best consideration.

Reserve airport parking deals in advance for a stress-free airport parking.

Pocket WiFi – Facilitating Passengers to Stay Connected in Europe!

In the past, we had to travel without staying connected with our loved ones. Time flies by – and the technology has emerged with lots of surprises now!

During my first trip to Europe, a few years back, I remember buying an international card so that I can stay in touch with my family. I needed to find out for a phone box so that I can understand what will be the most appropriate time to call at home. This was actually very irritating. About 7 years back, the internet was too slow, hence any call over the internet was not more than the wastage of time. Time has pretty much changed now. We simply swap our SIM cards to stay connected, search out for free Wi-Fi or can avail Pocket Wi-Fi facility.

Check out meet and greet at Gatwick deals to secure your parking spot before setting off your winter travel.

People Sharing Wifi

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  • Having Pocket Wi-Fi Means

Having pocket Wi-Fi means you can roam around with your router and don’t necessarily need to pay extra roaming charges. Technology is proving to be a real blessing now. Pocket Wi-Fi easily fits in your pocket and as long as there is data, you stay connected with the internet.

You must consider taking Pocket Wi-Fi during your trip to any European country so that you are able to connect everywhere across the borders. It’s also great for your wallet as the SIM card is no longer required while entering the country and get rid of extra roaming charges on your mobile bill too.

Portable Wifi Speed Test

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Keep in mind to charge it regularly while travelling so that you can avail internet facility without any disruptions. Not much space is required to pocket Wi-Fi and mostly comes in a little case to ensure its safety. The best part is that you can carry it anywhere.

Compare Gatwick parking deals at EzyBook, while looking for perfect parking arrangements for your vehicle at Gatwick airport.

The Quickest and Effective Parking Procedure for your Car!

Air traveling becomes a hectic and frustrating experience if you are not able to find out an appropriate and trustworthy airport parking service for your car. There are various options that are available for the convenience and comfort of passengers at a major airport. Meet and greet parking service not only saves your precious time, but also offers you great comfort in handling your baggage while traveling with your family.


 Image by Lgh_9 on Pexels

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If you are stressed about carrying a lot of bags and are not able to proceed with long queues for searching an appropriate slot to ensure your car safety. The first question that is going to immediately pop up in your mind is what is the fastest way back to your car? Meet and greet parking service can easily answer your question with its different facilities that give the solution to all your parking troubles. Now, there are no luggage handling troubles and a warm car waiting upon your arrival.

People love to travel, but hovering around to secure a suitable parking spot can be a very bad experience for every passenger. Manchester airport cheap parking deals help you with well-trained drivers and high parking standards that can help you with your heavy luggage and help you to reach at the right place at the right time. This service is quite beneficial and facilitating people traveling with their families and children.

In the UK, there are a number of well-reputed and reliable companies that are entertaining their services at the terminal of all major airports in the UK. If you have to travel frequently in view of your business engagements, you will surely realize that meet and greet is the most cost-effective and time-saving service. Online reservation of airport parking deals is highly recommended by travelers, as it gives you the convenience to avail parking services at competitive rates.

Common Errors in Luggage That Increase Risk of Theft and Injury

Travelling with suitcases is offering a lot of pros and cons for the airport adventurers. On one hand,  you are able to carry more of your favourite things about the holidays with them, making sure that they are well-prepared for long stints away from home, plus securing much-loved holiday shopping. However, it increases the luggage-related woes like lost luggage or damaged suitcase.

Before heading the airport on your flight day, make sure you have pre-book meet and greet Heathrow airport parking services for your vehicle.

Some passengers padlock on the zip of a suitcase, and then securing the fastened with a key, to ensure that no one can break-in. Do you know that it is not beneficial in protecting your bag? This can be the actual reason why a suitcase can be broken at the first sight, as securing it that way might be taken as an indication that It is worth searching.

Airport luggage processing

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Do you know locks on the zip bags are useless? You know why? You can pop up the zip conveniently with the pad and push the locked zip pulls around the bag to shut it again. This technique might also be used to steal things from your baggage. But theft is not the reason that the luggage can be opened within the transit. Not only the hand luggage, but the check-in suitcases have to be passed through the x-ray screening. If you can see some suspicious-looking object when screening, it will need to be opened for a thorough search by airport staff.

Locking your suitcase can result in serious damage to your suitcase as you can expect bag that had been cut open and then taped back with a note saying that it has been cut for a thorough searching.

Keep in mind the below tips that can actually keep your luggage secure while travelling:

  • Make use of the zip ties that are considered to be the cost-efficient way to keep your zips together. It will be a lot easier to identify if your luggage has been tampered with. In case the security search is required, the staff can clip apart the zip tie without needing to cut your bag for screening.
  • Use the bags with the same colour and size so that there is a chance that they will stay together and come off the track together.
  • Remove any old tags from your suitcases as it takes a longer time for the staff to understand the date and destination of the luggage

Compare airport parking options while managing your short term travelling arrangements.

Dealing with Parking Troubles Like a Pro!

Do you prefer reaching the airport in your own car?

But actually, it adds real trouble to your travel from the beginning, as it requires to make arrangements for your airport parking. A lot of troubles are being associated with the on-site parking because available parking space is not enough to meet the requirements of the passengers.

Dealing with Parking Troubles Like a Pro

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Passengers do waste a lot of time to find out a suitable parking space for their vehicles. Sometimes you secure a spot for parking that is far away from the terminal and it becomes extremely difficult to drag the heavy baggage back to the terminal especially in case you are accompanied by your small children.

If you reserve the services of an off-site parking amenity, then you can handle the parking issue more efficiently/ All our parking operators are reliable and trustworthy, making sure that quality parking services are being provided to all passengers.

While planning a holiday trip this winter, you can book either meet and greet at Stansted or park and ride according to your budget and parking preferences. If you are looking for cost-effective parking options, then park and ride will do the trick for you.

Park and ride off-site parking service involves these steps:

Stansted Park and Ride

Once you are back, you will reach the parking compound via the shuttle bus service again to receive your car. Check out the condition of your vehicle and once satisfied drive back home with a relieved feeling.

We offer our customers a comparison of cheap airport parking deals from our service providers, browse and select the best one according to your parking requirement.

What is the Ideal Way to Deal With Common Business Problems?

Travelling And Business

In the past few years, corporate travel has actually become very complicated due to global uncertainty and technological development. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in business travel problems. When you can successfully anticipate these issues, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable business trip for you.

Book off-site parking services to meet and greet Luton so that you can spend a stress-free and productive stay at your destination.

Business and travelling

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Check out a few tips below to deal with your business travel effectively:

One of the main issues linked with the business trip has been due to the ever-increasing travel cost. Companies are always looking for options that give them huge profits and try to opt for the options that can help them to arrange cheap business travel. Serious issues arise when you make efforts to reduce the travel cost, resulting in the poor travel experience and lowering the morale of the employee. For example, being a business traveller you might not be comfortable with room sharing. Similarly, reserving a hotel room away from your destination might save you money, but it adds a few extra hours to your travel time.

If you book your hotel room in advance, it helps you to save huge. It is always wiser to plan smartly instead of compromising the comfort and convenience factor.

Plan Your Business Trip Smartly

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Leaving everything for the flying day can actually end you up with a lot of problems at the airport. Arrange your travel essentials like reserve an appropriate service to compare airport parking deals, reserve a comfortable accommodation, arrange your business meetings sensibly to get rid of any last-minute trouble.

It is very frustrating for the business travellers, to stand in the long security queue at the airport. Do not forget to remove the belt, watch, jacket with metallic ornament while passing the security check to save your time.

It is very important for your being a businessman to strictly adhere to your business and personal contacts. It is recommended by the frequent business travellers to purchase an international SIM so that you are able to maintain the same number everywhere and are able to communicate with your contacts without any serious trouble.

How to Enjoy Cost Effective Travelling?

Travelling requires a lot of money, that’s why most of the people avoid traveling even during vacations. Those planning a recreational trip, try to avoid some services to cut the traveling cost. Instead of worrying about the expenses, you must try to get rid of it by following these simple tips.

There is a lot of airlines offering tickets at affordable rates at all major airports in the UK. Have a look at the deals and packages being offered by different airlines so that you can select the one that seems to be more affordable. Check out long stay parking Gatwick deals to pick the most suitable airport parking option in advance.

Another great idea can be to register yourself with travel deals websites. This practice will keep you updated with all the latest deals and discounts. It really helps you to enjoy luxurious hotel stays and travel packages at reasonable rates.

Prefer to pack items that are essential at the destination. Overpacking means you will be paying extra charges for checking luggage. While heading for long trips, pack your luggage smartly. Prefer to pack one quality pair of shoes along with comfortable clothes. Do not stuff your suitcase with lots of things.
Tips for Inexpensive Travel

In case you are not satisfied with the third-party travel site for reserving a hotel and flight deals, call directly to the hotel and ask about the best deals available during your traveling dates. It can actually help you to grab deals at must lower rates. Sometimes the hotel wants to fill the rooms at the last minute and with a little bargain, you can book a really good room for you.

From the airport to your hotel/accommodation, prefer to hire a cab service. Before leaving home, make an online search to inquire about the taxi and car renting services operating at your destination so that you can bargain with them directly and get affordable deals.

Easy Meet and Greet Heathrow

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If you are arriving at the airport in your own car, then don’t forget to check out airport parking deals and reserve parking space for your car.

Men or Women – Who are Better in Parking?

The report favours the women in this area and spotlighted some interesting facts.

Have you ever gone through a parking lot where you tut at the other drivers who have overlapped or parked stupidly? There are many comprehensive studies showing why rough parking occurs and who contributes more to it, men or women.

According to recent researches,  women are better at retaining the parking information while most of the men are found to be overconfident and ultimately forget the spot or important information regarding the off-site parking lot.

Women are better on Airport Parking

Meet and greet Manchester is a perfect choice for all the passengers due to its simple, convenient and comfortable parking services. The service accomplishes the passengers with reliable drivers and allows a quick and fastidious check-in to the departure terminal.

Meet and greet comes with the below benefits:

  • Appoints dedicated chauffeur for the parking and retrieval of the car
  • Enhances the travel with the guaranteed parking slot
  • No need to struggle with heavy luggage
  • No need to wait for the shuttles
  • Get rid of self-parking troubles
  • The vehicle will be picked and delivered to you as soon as you reach the airport on arrival and departure

EzyBook truly understands the requirements of its customers and ensure a smooth beginning and ending to your trip. Compare airport parking deals to secure an authenticated and hassle-free parking service for your car.


How Smart Parking Solutions Contribute to Your Travel Experience?

Airports are considered to be one of the most crowded places on earth. Everyone is seen to be in a hurry to catch the flight in time to reach the destination. The situation becomes really problematic if you come across the parking issues right ahead of your flight. This is where airport parking deals prove to be very handy, hence making your travel memorable and joyful. You can easily compare the prices and features of the parking services being offered by our off-site parking operators at EzyBook and then choose the ideal option for your vehicle. In the past few years, online reservation facility has emerged as a great blessing for the passengers.

If you are desiring quality parking services at economical rates, then meet and greet might be the most suitable option for you. Once you have booked it, you no longer need to hover around the official parking area to secure an appropriate parking slot for your vehicle as the chauffeur from your reserved parking service will take your vehicle outside the check-in terminal to park it in the safe and secure compound. One of the greatest advantages of online reservation is that you never risk your flight, even if you reach the airport late due to any reason.

Traveller exploring places

Image by Tommy Milanese on Pexels

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Booking an off-site parking amenity for your car parking means your car will be completely safe from any kind of damages. Hence, you can enjoy a stress-free trip knowing that you have made secure parking arrangements for your vehicle. Avail Heathrow airport cheap parking deals for your next airport parking to make sure that you enjoy a pleasant stay at Heathrow airport ahead of your departure. Book in advance and avail of the discounts with the pre-booking option.

What Questions Must Be Asked Before Booking Meet and Greet Service?

There is not a single doubt that meet and greet Stansted is the most popular and comfortable parking service of the modern era. But still, it is very important to understand the working of this service to avoid any risks. Check out the authenticity and reliability of the parking amenity before proceeding with the reservation process. Before completing the booking process make sure to:

  • Understand the service thoroughly
  • Avoid scams and only opt for trustworthy parking services

The second point is more important because there are various companies which are fraudulent and don’t have secure car parks. Lets us proceed towards the questions which you must inquire before reserving a specific service:

Where will we meet?

Usually, the driver meets the passenger outside the airport terminal, but a few companies collect the vehicles from short term car parks. Hence, it is really important to clear this point before leaving home.

Where will my vehicle be parked?

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, you must ask where your car will be parked. You can also check the distance covered by the vehicle to get an idea where the parking compound is located.


Meet and Greet Parking FAQs

What security measures are being taken in the parking lot?

To make sure that your car will be safe and secure, ask the amenity about the security measures they are taking for the safety of the cars.

What is the policy to claim any damage?

Go through the terms and conditions of the particular service to check the criteria and procedure to claim any damage. You can also ask any questions that may arise in your mind directly from the company representative.

Does Pre-booking offer any discount?

There is nothing wrong in availing the discounts without compromising the quality of services. Check out for any discounts that you can avail with the pre-booking.

Although most of these questions are usually answered by most of the parking amenities in the confirmation email that is sent after the booking it is still important to find them out ahead of making payment to clear any doubts., so that you have the chance to back out in case you are not satisfied.

Once the reservation procedure has been completed, make sure to:

  1. Check the details being sent in the confirmation email
  2. Call the service 20-25 minutes ahead of leaving your home for the airport
  3. Follow the instructions sent in the email
  4. Upon your return, check out for any damages on your vehicle. If you find any, do not forget to claim before leaving for home

Avail compare airport parking services to ensure the security of your car in your absence. Happy travelling!

Say A Big Welcome To Happy Travelling

Travelling along with enjoyment gives you a fair chance of learning, exploring and expanding your vision. Most of people love travelling, but there are a few that avoid it just due to the number of troubles and issues they have to face during the entire trip. Although proper and careful planning is not at all easy but you can easily cope with these issues with a little effort.

Practice a few easy and simple tips to enjoy your travelling:

Before setting out for a trip, the most important tip is to manage the travel essentials smartly. Make a checklist for “to do task” so that there is a minimum chance of forgetting something really important due to hustle and bustle. After completion, recheck the list to confirm if you have arranged everything.

Keeping a number of bags with you is always very frustrating and stressful.  It is always difficult to handle while carrying more than one bag. Try to utilize a single bag for packing travel essentials. Make sure to carry important travel documents with you to avoid any trouble.

To get rid of any troubles and inconvenience at the airport security, call airport security and the custom department to get information about the things that are prohibited to be carried while travelling. You can also make an online search to get complete information about airport parking deals.

Gatwick Airport Parking Options

Image by KarelZe on

Must arrange a secure car parking service for your car as it would not be a good idea to leave your car at home. It would be better for you to book a car parking service at the airport because it is more secure and easier than somewhere else, at the time of your arrival and departure.

Make sure to book cheap airport parking deals for your car, as it will never be a good idea to leave your vehicle at an unsafe place. The ideal solution will be to reserve an off-site parking service for your car parking because it is more secure, safe and easy as compared to the official parking service.

Long stay parking Gatwick deals provide safe, secure and hassle free airport parking experience for the passengers heading for a long holiday or business trip. Ezybook is offering various service packages in a diverse range. Check out the website or make a call to book safe, secure and cheap airport parking service.

Which are the Best Places to Visit During Your London Trip?

London has spectacular and remarkable historical places, hence proving to be a treat for the passengers. The most popular and famous historical spots include the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Tower of London. But there are a number of places near London that you can include in the exploration plan during your trip. I will be sharing a lot of the best historical spots near London for the passengers who love history and such spots fascinate them a lot.

Compare airport parking options at EzyBook to secure airport parking services for your vehicle in your absence.

Battle - King Cross Station

Photo by Owls1867 on

  • Battle

It is the site of a war that entirely changed the English history course. In 1066, King Harold of England was defeated by William of Normandy to become the new English king. You get a chance to walk through the battlefield and hear the story about what happened in the past. This place acts real thrill for those who love history.

Canterbury - UK

Photo by Marek Bernat on

  • Canterbury

One of the most vulnerable buildings in England is Canterbury Cathedral. During the Middle Ages, a lot of pilgrims used to flock to the cathedral and pray at the Thomas Becket shrine. The temple is now gone, but there is still the cathedral and the medieval one, drawing millions of tourists each year.

Magna Carta - Runnymede

Photo by mailsparky on

  • Runnymede

In 1215, 3 miles away from Windsor, feudal lords forced King John to attach his seal to a document named as Magna Carta. The principle of constitutional monarchy was established by Magna Carta and affirmed that every justice and liberty is the right of every individual. The basis of the American Constitution has been built on this.

City of York - UK

Photo by Sarah Mitchell-Baker on

  • York

Yorkshire, the best-preserved England city of the Middle Ages, is surrounded by high walls. You can enjoy a walk along the circuit of walls that had sentries in the past during the visit to York and the heads of traitors have been placed on the spikes. At the Jorvik Viking Centre, you can get you familiarized with the Viking side of the York, which very beautifully re-creates the Viking past of the city.

If you love history, then I will strongly recommend visiting historical places in London and make sure to include the above-mentioned places on your trip.  Those living in London and travelling through the Luton airport, avail meet and greet Luton services to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Happy Travelling!

Top Tips To Tackle Common Travel Problems

Are you making arrangements for your next getaway? So, you must be very excited about the vacations, to get a break from the monotony of your routine? It is absolutely very important sometimes to arrange such trips for your family trip, but in the midst of all this, you shouldn’t forget what is essential and what needs to be dealt with beforehand.

Do you know the reasons that give rise to travel issues? There may a number of reasons contributing to it, but one of the biggest ones is due to the last minute arrangements. If you are looking to make the most of your travel, but you are confused or don’t know which aspect needs to be handled first, this can lead to a big mess right on your departure day.

Parking is one of the most important components of your travelling and needs to be tackled as soon as you finalize your destination. Book meet and greet at Manchester services to ensure a stress-free and peaceful trip for you. As a passenger, you must know the importance of keeping airport parking at the top of your travel essentials.

Avoid Travel Mistakes at Airport

Image by Jon Tyson on

Apart from airport parking deals, there are a number of things that can lead to the bumpy ride. Sometimes little mistakes lead towards bigger troubles at the later stage like if you do not go to the packing of essential items and later face a lot of problems at the destination.

Another thing that can create issues is the budget. Always opt for the options within your budget. Airport parking deals at your earliest to secure your parking space.

What Airports Have Fantastic Outdoor Areas?

If you reach the airport plenty of time ahead of the flight, that does not necessarily mean that you have to be cooped up indoors. Outdoor decks or seating areas as a perk for the travellers is one of the hottest trends at the airport terminals these days. These outdoor spaces include amazing views of the airplanes, taxiways and the runways. Some offer a few extra like Cocktails, Fooding and Wi-Fi access to the passengers.

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Frankfurt Airport, Germany

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Frankfurt Airport

Terminal 2 at the airport acts as the home to the Visitor’s terrace. There are seats, both outside and enclosed. The terrace offers an amazing view of the planes taking off and landing on the runway. It is close to the Food Plaza at the terminal, meaning the passengers can easily buy their food and enjoy eating it on the terrace.

The airport is charging $3.39/person for a day, while for a family of 5 persons, it charges $13.58.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The “Panorama Terrace” is open for all visitors after check-in. It is between departures 1 and 2. The terrace is well known for its spacious view of the aircraft parking in the C, D and E piers of Schiphol.

KLM Fokker 100 is on the display and the visitors can enjoy their meals along with the beautiful view while eating at their famous food spot!

Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport

Terminal 2, with aviation-themed displays and graphics, is an aerial Discovery Centre. It is a perfect spot to watch international jets. There is no shade in that area, so make sure to wear the hat and use sunscreen while enjoying the aviation view.

LAX Airport, California

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Long Beach Airport, California

After passing the security, passengers can access 22,000 square feet (ca. 20 a) of the outdoor space that have a canopied seating area. You spend a great time there, can enjoy watching the planes flying in and out while having their meals. “meet and greet outdoor courtyard” is also in plan to be completed in 2021, so that the visitors can enjoy a great time along with the passengers outside the secure area.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

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Zurich Airport

There is an “Aspire Lounge” situated in the Midfield Terminal at Sydney Airport, above the gate E. There are free hot and cold meals alongside drinks and the beautiful views over the Swiss Alps and the portals of the airport. Entry charges are $38 per person, while children are given access free of cost.

Such outdoor spaces should also be introduced at all major UK airports so that passengers can enjoy their stay in case they appear at the airport earlier ahead of their departure time.

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A Complete Guide To Fix Airport Travel Delays

During the peak season, passengers have to face the flight disruptions and end up with no compensation. Under extraordinary circumstances flights delayed or cancelled can be compensated according to the laws. Most of the passengers try avoiding the reimbursements as a result of emergency circumstances.

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In this guide, I will be providing a guide to aware passengers about the compensation rights they get as a result of the disrupted and exempt flight.

Flight Delays or Cancellation

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According to European Law, the flights being delayed or cancelled as a result of technical issues or other circumstances will be compensated.

If the disturbance is made due to air traffic control, weather issues which also affect the airport staff don’t have to pay out.

Passengers are not compensated for any disturbance made due to weather issues or air traffic control at the airport.

The rough estimated of possible payout  in terms of compensation includes:

  • You will be paid around 200£ for the short flight
  • For the mid-length flight, the amount payable is around 320£
  • For long haul flights, the payment amount is approximately 280£ to 480£

You are eligible to ask for the cost of accommodation, foods, drinks and other communication means, in case your flight is delayed for three or more hours.

You can take help from the Civil Aviation Authority UK while travelling from some other country and requiring compensation against the airlines as a result of disturbance. They will help in the claim enforcement on your behalf.

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Which Common Issues Greatly Affect Your Travel?

Travelling offers amazing chances to explore new destinations, but is always associated with lots of ups and downs. The advantages of travelling are very well-touted as you get a chance to try new things, broaden your horizons, discover the ways to get interact with people from different places and get a chance to learn solo travelling.

Do you know how to act when disaster strikes? There are some problems that are very common and there is no precaution to prevent it like getting sick, getting lost or frustrated with foreign climes. Sometimes you are pushed to a limit while facing problems at the destination that even force you to cut your trip short.

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A traveller's luggage

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To help passengers to deal with the common travel issues efficiently, I have broken down to bounce back from 6 of the most common travel issues:

  • If you come across an accommodation that doesn’t match the images that have been shown at the time of reservation or find a stained carpet or cockroach in the washroom then as a customer, you have the right to speak to the hotel staff to shift you to some other room
  • Anyone can fall ill at the destination. But it becomes really difficult to deal with it when there is a limited medical facility or cannot communicate with the physician due to the language barrier. You must keep a medical supply for the most common health problems like diarrhea, fever, cold or blood pressure so that you don’t have to reach out the doctor for any health problem at the destination.
  • Travelling becomes monotonous when you feel lonely or bored during your foreign trip. To avoid such feelings communicate with the people and try to make new friends, add some joy and enthusiasm in your journey
  • Try to learn a few basic sentences like “hello, how are you? , have a nice day!” in the local language so that you can use them at the restaurants or grocery stores (during shopping) as it leaves a good impact over the local people.
  • Keep your important travel documents with you before heading for the trip. Make sure to keep copies too, so that you have the alternate in case if you lose them accidentally.

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