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Are You Suffering From Food Poisoning While Travelling Abroad

While travelling abroad, you must get ready for the travel nightmares. It sounds really frustrating that you have spent a lot of days to plan your holidays, but suddenly you realize at the destination that you have become a victim of food poisoning, hence need to spend a lot of time in the washroom. When you are sick, obviously you can have no fun and are forced to sit in your room to get better.

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Food Poisoning During Travel

Food poisoning may attack you due to intake of undercooked meat, dirty water or raw fish. One of the few symptoms of food poisoning includes nausea, vomits, cramps and fever.

If you have unfortunately caught food poisoning, don’t worry, you can manage to get better quickly with the help of the below tips:

  • Take plenty of water so that your body is not affected by dehydration
  • Drink Coconut water and Gatorade for the recovery. Soup and crackers also prove to be very beneficial in such condition
  • Once you feel a little better, start taking solid food slowly. Try to eat at intervals and when you feel that your stomach is again feeling any sickness, shift back to liquids
  • Avoid intake of coffee, dairy products, fried and spicy items as they can upset your digestive tract instantly

If you are vomiting continuously, find some blood in stool or vomit, feeling severe abdominal cramps, any dehydration symptoms like drowsiness or dry mouth, you need to immediately see a doctor and get medication for immediate recovery.

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How Meet and Greet Makes Your Travel Stand Out from the Rest?

Are you planning a summer trip with your family? Have you reserved your flight? Do you know that seasoned travel recommends booking your flight in ahead of time? Are you thinking about the logic behind it? Yes, it is rightly said so. The moment you are done with a flight reservation, you can head to the other important arrangements to ensure a peaceful journey for you. Airport parking should be your next task, handled to be as a  priority, as it has the potential to become one of the greatest hassles on your departure day. Check out cheap airport parking options available at EzyBook to ensure a comfortable and joyful stay at Luton airport for your upcoming travel.

Airport Parking Luton

While opting for meet and greet option, you dare definitely going to make one of the best airport parking arrangements for your car. Once done with the payment, make sure to receive a confirmation email from your chosen parking operator regarding the reservation of your parking spot.

On your departure day, you should keep in mind the few steps:

  • Make sure to have a print copy or screenshot of the email as a proof of your reservation before heading to the airport
  • Make sure to inform your parking provider about your arrival at the airport, at least 20 minutes before.
  • After reaching the mutually agreed meet-tup point, hand over the car key to (sent by your parking operator) driver so that he can park it in your reserved parking spot
  • Proceed with the check-in procedure to complete the boarding process.

On your arrival day:

  • Call your parking provider to inform about your arrival
  • Meet the driver with your car, outside the arrival lounge
  • Have a deep look at your vehicle before leaving for home

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Manchester Airport Needs An Improvement It’s Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

Disabled passengers are forced to wait for an awkward length of time to receive assistance at Manchester airport. In view of this trouble, the Uk’s third busiest airport has received a warning from the aviation regulator to improve its treatment towards the disabled passengers.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report, the waiting time has been reduced considerably over the past 12 months. Hence, the accessibility rating of the airport has been improved from “poor” to “needs improvement”, but CAA has expressed serious concerns and doubts over the handling of disabled passengers at the airport.

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Manchester Airport Parking

The aviation regulator has ordered Manchester airport to bring improvement in its treatment of the disabled passengers.

News and image source:

The regulator has asked to take immediate action to improve the decline of its services.

The spokesman at Manchester airport says that the airport is investing all possible additional resources to improve the standard of its services, especially those travelling with a certain disability to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free trip through Manchester airport.

ABM, a new special assistance provider has been introduced that will work with the airport to make an improvement in the services, especially during the peak travelling days.

Out of 31 UK airports analyzed, 14 have been rated as “very good” while 16 have gotten “good” rating. Manchester is the only airport that has been asked to improve its services, and have been rated as “needs improvement”.

The airports are being assessed strictly now, so they continue to improve their services to maintain its worth among the travellers.

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EasyJet Passengers in Serious Trouble at Stansted Airport Due to Strike

EasyJet passengers might have to face “check-in-chaos” this July after the announcement of 17-day strike announcement, over the long-running pay dispute. The strike is scheduled to start from 25th July.

According to Unite the union, the strike will be involving 43 passengers service agents, that are working at check-in desks for EasyJet at Stansted Airport. Those agents that have been employed by Stobart Aviation Services have voted unanimously in support of the strike through a ballot in the start of this month.

The strike dates, being announced are from July 25-29, August 2-5, August 16-19 and then from 23-27 August.

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EasyJet at Stansted Airport

Blog News Source: The Sun

Mark Barter, Unite regional officer has agreed that due to strike, thousands of EasyJet passengers that have to take their flight from the Stansted airport, during these days will have to face the severe disruptions. According to him, the major disagreement is that the agents that are employed by other companies are already getting 20% more for the same job at Stansted Airport.

EasyJet spokeswoman said they were conscious of the possible dates of strike announced at Stansted Airport by the Stobart Aviation check-in employees. He further added that they will be going for a contingency plan so that the passengers are not adversely affected. Still, it is anticipated that the dispute will be resolved by Stobart Aviation and Unite.

The Stobart Group spokesperson has announced that negotiation and dialogues are being carried with the unite representative and possibly the dispute will be resolved before the start of the strike. However, a contingency plan will be implemented to minimize the disruption for the passengers.

If you have reserved flight during the strike dates, keep yourself updated with the latest information, so that you are aware of any contingency plans made by the officials to facilitate the passengers.

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How To Choose An Appropriate Parking Service At Gatwick Airport

Everyone looks for comfort and ease while planning his travel and airport parking. Will you prefer to hover around the official parking compound on your flying day? Do you want to spend hours to find out a safe parking slot for your car and then drag back the heavy luggage from the lot back to the terminal?

At Gatwick airport, there are various Gatwick airport cheap parking options available for the travellers. Select the service depending upon your convenience and parking requirement.

The officials at Gatwick airport guide the travellers that they can access the check-in terminal in no time while availing the official airport parking option. Technically, it is correct to some extent, but they never explain about the troubles passengers may have to face during that parking procedure.

On-site parking offers below disadvantages:

  • Congestion of traffic
  • Difficulty in finding a parking spot in the peak travelling season
  • Dragging back of heavy luggage back to the terminal from the parking lot, while carrying a small baby in the lap


short stay parking Gatwick

Above points can really give you an idea that how much stress and troubles you might have to come across while opting for the on-site airport parking option. Meet and greet is the most appropriate and best alternative to traditional airport parking is the most convenient and comfortable parking service at reasonable rates.

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  • No need to come across the crowded parts of the airport
  • A dedicated driver is appointed to provide you with airport parking services
  • You can easily head to the check-in terminal within a few minutes of arrival at the airport

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Most Powerful Passports in 2019 – Where Does the British Passport Stand?

Passport is the main document that is required by the travellers while heading for a foreign tour. Do you have an idea about the most powerful passports in the world? Are you interested to know that being British, what’s worth your passport has?

The 2019 Henley Passport Index disclosed the list of the world’s most strong passports. The Henley Passport Index ranks the world’s passports, depending on the amount of nations that the holder can travel without a previous visa.

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Japan and Singapore give their country’s strongest passports by providing approximately 189 countries with visa-free access. These two Asian countries are on the top list for 18 months now. South Korea was sharing the first position previously, but now has slipped to the number 2 spot, sharing it with Finland and Germany who are offering visa-free entry to 187 destinations in the world.

Pakistan had a rigid visa policy in the past, but now it offers Electronic Travel Authority to citizens of over 50 nations to attract visitors and increase their economy. Finland, Japan, Switzerland and UAE are included in the list, however, it doesn’t apply for UK or USA citizens.  Denmark and Luxembourg are in third place with free visa access to 186 countries, while Austria is on the fifth spot with a score of 184 along with the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Traveller exploring the map

The British passport stands at sixth jointly with USA, Belgium, Canada, Greece, and Ireland. You can easily travel to about 183 countries if you are a passport holder of any of these countries.

The UK has managed its passport in the past to be among the world’s five most strong passports. But the UK strong position is at stake due to its elimination from the EU and ongoing confusions regarding its departure.  The Brexit has not directly affected the UK’s ranking yet, but based on historical data from the Henley Passport Index, it can have strong effects over the strength of UK passport.

Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the worldwide mobility spectrum, allowing its citizen to enter 25 locations without a previous visa.

The picture will be more clear after the UK’s official exit from the Brexit. But for now, the UK holds the 6th spot.

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What Are The Most Common Parking Issues Faced By The Passenger

Luton airport is always crowded with the passengers and it becomes actually very difficult for the travellers to secure a safe spot for parking their car. No one prefers to consume a lot of time in search of a parking space ahead of departure. Also, airport parking lots never assure you with the safety and security of your car in your absence.

Luton Airport Parking

When reached unplanned, you must get yourself ready to face a lot of troubles at the airport even before boarding the plane. You must expect:

  • No available space for your car
  • Luggage dragging, back and forth to the terminal
  • Risk your flight
  • No guarantee regarding the safety and security of your car
  • Long parking queues in the official parking compounds

All these problems actually spoil the entire joy and excitement of your trip. Hence always avoid reaching the airport without any prior parking arrangements for your car. The best way to get rid of such problems is to opt for the best airport parking deals and off-site services of meet and greet at Luton. Go for the advance reservation option:

  • A tension free arrival at the airport on a flying day
  • A guaranteed parking spot even in the peak holiday season
  • Assistance with your luggage if required
  • Your vehicle is completely safe and secure
  • Check-in at the terminal becomes a lot stress-free and easy

Offsite parking helps you to save a lot of your time and money, hence ensuring a budget free travel for you. You are only required to confirm your departure and arrival time so that the company can dispatch the chauffeur to collect and deliver your car at the airport.

Manage your airport parking issues smartly and always plan ahead of time to reserve the best airport parking Luton deal for your vehicle.

How to Ensure your Data Privacy During Travel?

It is always daunting to travel with technology. But no one can consider leaving his laptop, tab or cell phone at home before heading for the travel, as these things have become an essential part of our life now. Data security is something that every passenger is concerned mostly during the travel. You must find out the ways to make sure that your privacy is safe and secure while you are on vacations.

Airplane flying from Mancheeter airport

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Keep in mind the below steps to protect your privacy and ensure safety and online security while travelling:

  • Always make sure to use Encrypted Network Connections to ensure privacy. Encryption acts as a key to internet health. The HTTPs sites are safe and secure and prevent the people with bad intention from viewing your browser.
  • Be careful while entering any personal information to access a website. When Firefox displays a green lock while you try to view a page, this shows that the page you are going to access is pretty safe and secure
  • You must turn on the two-step authentication for all your accounts
  • Prefer to go for private browsing to ensure maximum safety and privacy
  • While going through the border control, turn off the phone so that you need to enter a password to open the device before turning it on
  • Make sure to put a password on your device so that no one can access it other than you
  • Remove the app’s that you are not using frequently. It not only increases space, but also reduce the risk of privacy leakage due to a certain application
  • Back up your phone and data, so that even if your device is lost or damaged, you have the backup data
  • Download password manager on your device. This is a very handy tool as it stores passwords for you and creates randomized passwords

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Tips To Efficiently Handle The Stansted Airport Parking Troubles

Stansted airport is one of the UK’s busiest airports. To find an appropriate parking space is not less than a challenge for travellers. You need proper planning to ensure peaceful travel for you and well aware of all the issues you might come across during your trip.

You can ensure a comfortable and smooth start to your journey by following these tips:

  • Make a proper listing of all your travel essentials
  • Always make choices for flight, accommodation, and parking according to your budget
  • Compare short stay parking Stansted options available before making short-term arrangements for your airport car parking
  • Never waste your time by opting for the on-site parking service
  • Inquire your parking service providers about the security arrangement they have for the vehicles


Stansted Airport Parking

Many people are so irritated with the parking issues at the airport that they never consider travelling until it becomes unavoidable. But to stop travelling is not the solution to handle airport parking problems. Compare cheap airport parking deals from our off-site service providers and choose the one to proceed with the reservation process, hence taking the first step towards a trip full of ease and comfort.

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Gatwick Airport – Drone Disruptions Cost £1.4m!

The Gatwick airport that was disrupted for three days in December due to drone attacks, has to bear the cost of £1.4m. The airline has to bear the brunt of the cost, while EasyJet alone has to put its compensation bill and lost revenue at £15m.

The earlier estimated costs ran into tens of millions, the most of which have to be borne by the airlines, although since the incident Gatwick airport has spent extra on anti-drone technology,  an estimated amount of  £4m.

Travellers at Gatwick Airport

Blog Source: The Guardian

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The airport was initially closed for 36 hours, followed by brief shut down on 21 December again, once multiple reports of sighting a drone or drones on the runway.

Military and police were immediately asked to diffuse the situation at Britian’s second largest airport, but no one was successful to find the perpetrator. More than 1000 flights were disrupted due to this incident, ultimately affecting 140,000 passengers at Gatwick airport.

About half of all the flights scheduled at Gatwick airport are being operated by EasyJet. Due to the flight disruptions, EasyJet has to make compensation and welfare payments to the passenger, along with the revenue last. The overall estimated cost is around £15m, according to the EasyJet Officials.

According to the chief executive of Gatwick airport, Stewart Wingate, he fully stands by the decision to shut down the airport, as the safety of the passengers is more important than everything. He claimed that some of the most sophisticated counter-drone equipment has been installed at Gatwick airport similar to those in western Europe.

He didn’t rule out the suspect that the attack might be an inside job. He further added that there are a number of potential sources and an ongoing investigation is being made, that will be made public once it is complete.

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How to Claim Compensation for Your Lost or Delayed Luggage?

At a busy airport like Heathrow, you might come across a number of issues like delayed flight, airport parking issues and long waitings in the security check-in area due to the presence of forbidden things in your luggage.  Book cheap airport parking deals and book your parking space in advance to get rid of any stressful situation on your flying day.

You have the legal right to claim compensation from your airline in case of any delayed or lost check-in luggage. Please note you can claim only when your airline is solely responsible for it.

You are most likely to be paid if:

  • Essential items like toiletries and undergarments have not reached you
  • If your luggage is damaged or lost, your airline is bound to pay you for the replacement or lost
  • If you have to reach the airport to collect your baggage after a few days of your arrival, transportation cost will be paid by your airline


Damaged Luggage

Image Source     

Photo Credits: Bryan Alexander

It is recommended to immediately notify your airline in case of any damaged or lost luggage. In case your issue has been logged in to the property irregularity report (PIR), then the problem has come into the knowledge of airport staff, who will convey it to your airline. In order to support your claim, do not forget to keep a copy of PIR with you.

Your airline will have 21 days to search out the luggage and hand over to you. Even if the luggage is handed to you with 21 days, still you can claim for the inconvenience and stress you have to face due to delayed baggage.

You can claim compensation for

  • A damaged or missing item within 7 days of receiving
  • Missing or delayed luggage within 21 days of flight

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How You can Travel Peacefully with Depression?

Have you been planning a trip for months, but as the flying dates are getting closer you are feeling confused or tired and feeling no enthusiasm or excitement for your upcoming vacations? Are you sleeping most of the times and trying to avoid your family and friends? If you are facing this situation, don’t worry, you are not the only one going through such phase. According to an estimate, about 300 million people are being affected as a result of depression and is undoubtedly the most common mental health issue across the globe.

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Depressed traveller at the airport terminal

  • You are required to be more careful and well-prepared to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey
  • A well-developed plan is essential at the destination so that you can easily reach out a therapist in case you come across a strong depression attack
  • Try to proceed with the flight reservation once you are assured that depression is under your control. Make sure that no flare-up or change in your depression medication has been made for at least 3 months from your doctor.
  • Never expect for something that is never going to happen. You cannot expect your depression to completely vanish as soon as you are at the destination. Always get ready for the worst and believe me, you will get the best! Sometimes being more hopeful may instigate your depression, when you cannot actually achieve the desired results in reality.
  • Make sure to book meet and greet Manchester services to handle your airport parking in advance, so that you have a peaceful stay at the airport ahead of your flight
  • Do not forget to pack enough supply of medicines and anti-depressants in your carry-on luggage so that you don’t need to search it while being at the destination

Some Useful Travel Suggestions to Follow

Travellers should try to make their journey fun and exciting. For this, a good planning is required. This means you need to manage all the aspects of travelling ahead of the journey as opposed to tackling them as they come. Smart travelling doesn’t come with overspending money. You need to handle the elements of travelling at the right time and in the right way. For airport parking you can compare airport parking and get the cheapest yet the most effective parking deal to have  a smooth start to the journey. The comparison process doesn’t take much time and should be done beforehand.

Another travel advice to have a fun filled journey is to keep some local currency. Debit and credit cards are of great use but still having some local currency isn’t a bad idea. You might come across shops that don’t accept credit cards so in that case carrying some cash will be a smart move!

Airplane arrived at the terminal

Always pack lightly is another tip that you can use. Wear and keep clothes that let you be comfortable. Nobody is interested in seeing your fashion sense which is why there is no need to flaunt your wardrobe. Just keep it simple and you will have a trouble free time. You must check the weather updates before you start packing though!

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Useful Travel Tips for a Better Travel Experience

  • Hire a Travel Agent

When you start searching online you will stumble upon many travel tips related to any topic you have in mind. If you are looking forward to visiting a country you have never seen before you might want to consult a travel agent. Travel agents can guide you better and make a fool proof plan for you. They have full information on customs, weather updates, travel documents, vaccinations.

Convenient Airport Parking

  • Car Safety Must be Handled Well

In order to have a safe, smooth and a convenient start to the journey you must book a smart parking solution. Meet and greet Stansted would be a trouble free option for you especially if you are travelling with your family. This is a long term parking amenity that will suit you best if you are taking a long trip. You will be provided with a chauffeur who will welcome you as you reach the airport and park your car at the off-site parking compound.

Self-parking will be avoided and so will be the long parking lines. Meet and greet parking means a quick and smooth departure and arrival. Thus, your time is saved at the airport. You and your kids don’t have to be a part of the crazy on-site parking experience. Compare airport parking deals as early as you can so that the pricey ones are avoided. If you want a safe parking spot for your next trip then you should get long term parking deals right now!

Best Hacks to Enhance your Travel Experience

Seasoned travellers never go wrong when it comes to enhancing their trip every time they travel. There are many tricks and tips that can improve your experience and make the journey less hectic. To begin with, you can search for various travel sites to let you have an idea about how to effectively plan. Jot down all the essential elements of the journey. Start with airport parking. You can compare Gatwick parking deals to know which one would be a reliable choice for you and all the people travelling with you.

Airplane Landing at the Airport

  • Choose the Right Suitcase

What you choose should depend on how long the trip is going to be. If you are going away just for a few days then a carry-on bag is enough. Make sure to get travel outfits that will be comfortable for long flights or a road journey. Try to prefer comfort over trends or fads!

  • Pack as Light as You Can

Whether you are looking forward to a long trip or a short getaway, you should pack as light as you can. In order to succeed in that you need to make sure to keep in mind the climate and the culture of the country you are visiting.

  • Save Money via Cheaper Parking Deals

Airport parking deals can be booked at a low price if you start the booking process early. Like a few weeks in advance would surely help you get one. Choose a reliable online platform for airport parking Gatwick. Then fill out the travel details to get the right parking deal.

Improve Your Airport Visit with Manchester Parking Deals

Just like many travellers you might have experienced parking issues at a busy airport lately. Something like that not only slows down the journey but makes it frustrating too. Whether you are about taken a short airport visit or a long one you can definitely make it worthwhile. In order to do that Manchester airport parking deals need to be booked. When it comes to the booking process you should get it done as early as you can to avoid running into pricey parking deals.

Airplane flying in air

You need to follow just a few steps that will lead to a great catch!

  • Choose a trusted and reliable comparison website
  • Choose an airport
  • Enter the required travel information such as drop off and arrival date/time
  • Compare the parking deals
  • Get the most convenient one
  • Make the payment
  • Get the confirmation email
  • Receive the instructions

Airport parking has always been that one aspect that is dreaded by every traveller. But now it can be enjoyed as there are parking options to choose from. You don’t have to settle for anything that can become a burden rather than a source of relaxation. So, compare Manchester airport parking deals at least a month in advance and see what you can choose to enhance the journey. Getting the right parking option is very easy. Make sure to take your time while you do the comparison process. You don’t have to be in a rush at all. Compare airport parking for your next airport visit now and make it one of the most memorable experiences.

Managing Airport Hassles with Suitable Parking Options

Saving money when it comes to airport parking is not impossible. The modern times that we live in provide us with a wide range of parking options. Not only are these parking amenities a source of ease and comfort, but they are affordable too.

Airport Highway

Before you take a trip you should know what your parking options are. How about making a reservation for meet and greet Heathrow parking for your next airport visit? This off-site parking facility will bring a lot of benefits so that you and your family can have a care free time at the airport.

Being relaxed before the departure is very important if you want to make the most of the journey. Let’s have a look at what you will get after choosing one of the most hassle-free airport parking facilities:

  • You will be given full chauffeur assistance upon arriving at the airport
  • You will have a safe parking spot for the car
  • The parking process is very speedy and tension free
  • Carrying excessive luggage is not a burden anymore
  • It makes for a smooth departure and arrival


These are a few benefits that will promise a comfortable journey. Meet and greet parking is the best parking option families can choose. Long stay parking Heathrow will provide you with a safe and secure parking spot. Book it now and save money to take care of the travel budget. Compare airport parking deals as early as you possibly can to have a cheap parking option for the next trip. Advance booking is a money saver!

How a Smart parking Solution Can Enhance Travel Experience

Facing common travel issues? With the arrival of innovative airport parking facilities travellers can now enjoy every trip they plan to take. Parking issues aren’t tough to tackle as you can find the right parking choice in just a few minutes through a reliable online source. Compare airport parking deals ahead of the trip and land the most suitable option:

  • Choose an airport
  • Enter the necessary travel details like drop off and arrival date/time
  • Compare the parking deals
  • Make sure to spot the most reliable one
  • Get done with the payment
  • Get the confirmation email
  • Receive the instructions


Airplane at the airport

Getting the right parking option beforehand can make the start of the journey very easy and tension free. You can avoid all the trouble related to traditional parking. The long parking lines don’t bother you anymore. You can easily make your way to the airport terminal without confronting any delays. One of the biggest advantages of pre-booking a parking spot is that your car is parked in a safe and reliable parking spot. The safety issues don’t hover over your head. Long stay parking Luton can ease the trip for all travellers. Get it as soon as possible and make a difference to your next journey!

Now-a-days, travellers have the option of improving their trip unlike previous times when traditional airport parking was the only way out. With the advent of new and enhanced airport parking options anyone the airport visit can be enjoyed. For Luton airport cheap parking  early booking is required. Book at least a few weeks in advance.

Using the Right Amenity Can Change the Parking Scenario

Whether you are going to the airport as a traveller or a visitor you should deal with the parking aspect beforehand. In this era where air travel is so common and the airport parking areas are overcrowded, you shouldn’t rely on traditional parking. Therefore, in order to handle Stansted airport, which is one of the busiest airports in UK, you should make a reservation for meet and greet Stansted.

Airport Sign Board

Meet and greet parking is considered as one of the best airport parking facilities for big international airports. If you want to experience airport parking in the best way then meet and greet parking is what you should have in your hands! Let’s check out some perks you will get by getting this off-site parking amenity:

  • A safe and secure parking spot is guaranteed
  • You are also given full chauffeur assistance
  • You are unlikely to confront any delays
  • Heavy luggage is not a headache anymore
  • Bus transfers are avoided
  • No more tension of self-parking
  • Your arrival at the airport terminal is in time
  • It will cost you cheaper than on-site parking


So, here are some advantages that will let you know that booking an off-site parking amenity is always a great way of starting a trip. Compare airport parking deals and find out which one would double the fun this time! Make your travel experience better with a suitable parking deal. Once you make airport parking Stansted pleasant with meet and greet parking deals, you will never go back to traditional parking.