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Luton Vs Stansted Airport – Which One Is Low Cost But Still The Best

London has a number of airports, like Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted and Luton. Each of them has its distinct features. While Gatwick and Heathrow provide accommodate full-service carriers, the story is completely unique in relation to Luton and Stansted airport terminals. These air terminals are increasingly outfitted towards low cost-effective traffic, in any event for their commercial passengers.

A fairly large number of commercial flights are being handled at Luton and Stansted airports. The main hub for EasyJet is at Luton airport. The arch rival Ryanair base is less than 30 miles away. Being the main hub for both low-cost carriers, a substantial traffic is being witnessed at both airports.

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Airport Parking StanstedIn terms of passengers number, London Stansted airport is busier as compared to Luton (according to passenger traffic stats 2018) according to the passenger traffic stats in 2018, London Stansted airport was busier than Luton in terms of passenger numbers. Under 28 million travellers were spread across over more than 200,000 aircraft. While Luton dealt with under 17 million travellers spread across over 136,511 aircrafts.

Stansted Airport has a dedicated train station connecting Central London right below its entrance. No dedicated train station has been dedicated to London Luton airport. Once arrived, the passengers have to hop up a bus to reach the airport terminal.

Both Luton and Stansted are handling a fair share of special aircraft traffic. However, London Luton is particularly famous for private jet destination. However, Stansted airport has an edge over Luton when considered for special flights. Due to large open space far away for from the terminal, Stansted has been designated to deal with the threats efficiently. An unexpected Air India Flight was allowed to land at Stansted earlier this year. Air Force One opted for Stansted airport, during the President of United States London visit.

This does not necessarily mean that Luton airport is boring or less important. The popular UK television show “Airline’ had been filmed there. Stansted airport was opted to film “Come Fly With Me”. Generally, it seems that London Stansted can be given the title of the “Low-Cost Airport”. Stansted airport due to its easy access, business, and playing host to private planes has won this title.

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This Summer, Luton Airport Sets a New Passenger Record!

More than 5.3 million travelled through Luton airport this 2019, hence setting a record for passenger traffic in 2019. There was a 7.3 per cent rise in the passenger traffic at Luton during June, July, and August.

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Travellers at Luton airport

Amsterdam airport claimed the first position recording passenger traffic of about 198,000 passengers. Malaga, Barcelona, Lisbon, Palma and Tel Aviv were other major destinations.

This passenger traffic at Luton got boosted as a result of a new partnership with East Midlands Railway’s operator Abellio, a mutual agreement to run an express train service to the airport, and it greatly helped Luton airport to set record-breaking summer traffic this year.

According to Alberto Martin, Luton airport’s chief executive, the summer has always been a busy period for the airport and this year traffic was not an exception or surprising. He added that it marked a noticeable shift between Lodin and its fastest growing airport owing to fresh contracts with Abellio. He strongly believed that the airport will continue to deliver an enhanced and improved the travelling experience to its wonderful passengers and obviously they deserve it!

In the year 2018, 16.6 million passenger traffic was recorded through Luton airport, that was 5 per cent in the previous year.

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Are You Worried About The Safety Of Your Vehicle At The Airport

Are you heading for a family or business trip? Are you concerned about the safety of your car at the airport? What are your plans regarding the safety of your vehicle while you’re away for travelling? Have you any assurity that your car will be safe and sound in your absence?

People are always much concerned about the security of their vehicles because it’s a valuable asset. But when it comes to parking at the crowded airports, most of the passengers show negligence which is absolutely wrong.

You must no be less concerned about the safety of the car, especially at the airport, which is always jam-packed with the passengers.

There are several things that need your attention during your travel and the most important among them included your budget and parking at the airport.

Everyone knows airport parking lots are always crowded with vehicles and passengers are never guaranteed with the safety and security of their cars. This is where off-site airport parking deals have emerged as a blessing for the passengers. Your vehicle is completely taken care of in your absence. Your car is returned to you exactly in the similar condition before your departure.

Gatwick Airport Parking

An official airport parking costs you more for the services as compared to the facilities and sometimes your car faces damages in your absence. Booking long stay airport Gatwick service means you are giving the car in safe hands. You simply drive to the airport and hand over the keys to a trustworthy driver sent from your reserved parking compound. The chauffeur parks the car in a safe parking compound. So you can make your way towards check-in and save a lot of time.

Assets always need your proper attention. So be concerned and put a little effort into finding a secure parking service for the safety of your vehicles.

Parking at the airport is always a big problem, but every issue has a solution. Read carefully about the reliable and authenticated off-site airport parking service which provides the best solution for your car.

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How to Persist on a 15-Hour Flight Successfully?

If you have reserved a long hauled flight and are actively searching for tips to survive it, then you are at the right place. Recently I have spent time in a number of long-haul flights and have emerged with a strategy n how we can eliminate the hassle of jet lag. Let’s begin, keep reading!

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Every time I spend some time on the plane, I have seen people committing little mistakes that ultimately cause them to jet lag upon reaching the destination. Most of the people think that it is actually impossible to jet lag in the long haul flights. If a plane reaches the destination in under 6 hours, the jet lag is unlikely, even if the time zone is to be crossed. With long hauled flights you have to make efforts to deal with the jet lag, especially the ones for more than 8 hours.

Keep in mind of the few tips below and I guarantee that you will feel refreshed and relaxed upon reaching your destination, and will be able to handle jet lag efficiently:

  • Avoid taking alcohol or soda drinks during and before the flight
  • Bring an empty water bottle to pass through the security and then fill it before getting on the plane, hence you will not require requesting water from flight attendant frequently
  • Dress yourself up in comfortable attire so that you can easily pass through the security and can sleep comfortably
  • Make sure to bring a flight kit with you on the plane. The flight kit must have an eye mask, earplugs, headphones, chap stick, Kindle for reading, 2-3 snacks, toothbrush and paste, face wash and moisturizer
  • Do not forget to moisturize your skin after every 3 hours
  • Adjust the time in your watch and cell phone according to the destination. It will help you to adjust with the day and night pattern of your travelling place
  • If you do not feel comfortable to spend more than 15 hours on the plane, then you should consider adding a stopover at some other location

Doing above mentioned things will really help you to spend a comfortable time in the long-haul flight, even if you are travelling in the economy seat. Enjoy your flight and have a great holiday trip with your loved ones!

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How To Deal With The Dodgy Heathrow Airport Parking Issues

Travelling is undeniably an intimidating experience for most of the passengers. One has to get himself prepared to steer clear of the possible problems faced at the major airports and at the on-site parking compound.

It seems really hard to make advance arrangements, but you must go for effective planning to ensure a safe and smooth travel. When you don’t reserve an airport parking Heathrow spot ahead of time, you will come across a lot of complications while navigating through the parking compound along with the potential risk of missing your flight.

The parking trouble at Heathrow airport can be greatly minimized if you reserve a parking space right after confirmation of a flight date. The safety of our car will be the least of your worries when you will reserve a reputable and authenticated parking amenity. On-site parking compound never guarantees you with the safety of your car, but off-site parking amenity makes sure that the car is safely and securely handed back to its customers.

Heathrow Airport Parking

The most common parking troubles:

You have to select the parking service, hence allowing you to reserve the company offering you maximum benefits and that too at economical rates. Everyone prefers to utilize parking facility that doesn’t affect your budget. Book the service that is expedient yet lighter on the pocket.

Furthermore, explore the whole range of parking options available at hand in an attempt to drive away from all the possible problems faced at the airport parking Heathrow. Book airport parking deals in advance to diminish all sorts of travel issues.

The travel experience becomes a lot relaxing, refreshing and vitalizing when you hire a reputable dependable airport parking service.

Which Items are Allowed to be Carried While Travelling?

Are you excited ad ready to take your flight, but are you concerned about the airport security & the customs department to unpack your luggage and to take out some of the things which are not allowed while travelling by air. Such situations are really annoying, especially while travelling with small children.

To get rid of such annoying situations, you must avoid things that are not allowed at the airport.  The rules for airport security and customs are almost similar all around the world with a few exceptions. In this blog, we will try to get you familiarized with those allowed or banned things.

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Allowed & not allowed items in travel

  • Liquids

All types of liquids or semi-liquid food, drinks, syrups, lotions, oils and perfumes to carry in your luggage. But a limit of 100ml is applied to it. In exceptional cases like medical reasons, dietary requirements, baby food or baby milk you can carry liquid more than 100 ml.

  • Personal items

The wheelchair or any walking aid is allowed in the cabins, but if you have a battery-powered wheelchair you must confirm it with your airline. In case of any large musical instrument, you need to inform your airline ahead of departure.

  • Essential medicines & medical equipment

You are allowed to carry essential medicines or equipment with you, but do not forget to bring a note from the doctor as proof regarding certain medications.

  • Electric device & items

Cell phones, laptop, electric shower, and travel iron are among the things that are allowed to carry with you.

  • Sports equipment

All kinds of sports types of equipment are okay to be carried in your luggage.

  • Work tools, chemical, and toxic substances

Wrench or spanner pliers, tool with a blade or shaft, hammer, screwdriver, etc., are allowed to be carried in hold luggage.

  • Chemicals & toxic substances

Chemicals or toxic substances like oxidizers and organic peroxides, including bleach and car body repair kits, acids & alkalis, corrosives or bleaching agents, vehicle batteries and fuel systems, are strictly not allowed to be carried in the luggage.

  • Ammunitions

Blasting caps, detonators, fuses, imitation explosive devices, fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke canisters, smoke cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder, plastic explosives, are not allowed both in the check-in or carry luggage.

You must know that your complete luggage would be screened or checked thoroughly in necessary.

For avoiding any other nuisance travelers are advised to reach the airport 2 to 3 hours ahead of the travel so that other important things could be managed easily, as arranging a secure parking service for a car is also a time taking activity.

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Importance Of Wi-Fi On Planes

Wireless internet has become an essential part of our life and most of us have started to take it as granted due to its availability at almost every place. We expect uninterrupted Wi-Fi access everywhere, but there is a place that has pretty much remained a Wi-Fi free zone up till now! Yes, it’s the air space!

Most of the passengers desire for inflight Wi-Fi connectivity, but unfortunately, inflight connectivity has been poor so far and the efforts are being made to improve its reliability steadily. Airlines have started to learn the importance of Wi-Fi and are looking for new technologies to introduce this facility to its customers.

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In-Flight Wi-Fi Facility

Today in this post we will have a look at how Wi-Fi works in the sky and why many airlines charge for Wi-Fi from its customers.

Do all aircraft have a Wi-Fi facility?

All US flights were  the very first to offer Wi-Fi connectivity, both for domestic and international flights, but now the European airlines have up their games and have introduced Wi-Fi with faster connectivity and cheaper rates for their customers

How does inflight Wi-Fi works?

The internet signal reaches your device at an altitude of 35000 feet in two ways, i.e., 1) via the ground-based mobile broadband tower, sending signals up through the antenna, located under the aircraft or  2) uses satellite technology. Plane connects to a network or satellite, sending and receiving signals to earth through receivers and transmitters. Information is transmitted to and from your device via an antenna on the plane top, that connects to the nearby signal.

Why in-flight Wi-Fi is expensive?

Due to the high cost of Wi-Fi services in the air, the airline cannot offer free Wi-Fi services and charge it from the passengers. The antenna required for Wi-Fi increase the airline bill by adding the fuel cost, hence they charge for the in-flight Wi-Fi facility.

What is the cost of Wi-Fi on the planes?

Wi-Fi charges vary from airline to airline. On long-hauled flights, British Airways is offering the first hour free and then charge the passengers from  £4.99 to £7.99. Wi-Fi prices range between £2.99 and £14.99 for Virgin Atlantic passengers. Americal airlines are charging around £12.75 on international routes.

A Norwegian airline is offering free Wi-Fi for its passengers on most of its flights within Europe.

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How to Extract Maximum from Your Microtrip?

If you love travelling, but cannot arrange frequent trips due to work, school and family responsibility, then you must consider planning a microtrip (or long weekend getaway)! It is of great value for those who don’t have enough time for travelling based on their responsibilities.

A few benefits of microtrip includes:

  • You get a chance to visit more than one place in a year
  • Save your money on flight tickets and accommodation
  • Get you rid of a daily hectic life and relax yourself
  • Get a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones

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Benefits of Microtrip

So, why you are still thinking? Add a holiday to any upcoming long weekend and head for a microtrip. Whether you are travelling abroad or within the country, extract maximum out of that short-term holidays to thoroughly enjoy your journey.

Try to add a day or two to a long weekend so that you can extend your trip over a few days.

Choose the destination that required travel time not more than 4 hours from your hometown

Book an accommodation that allows early check-in or late checkout, so that you can stretch your stay a little if needed

Select the destination based on your preference like Montreal, Toronto, New York, Portland for nightlife, art and culture lovers, a beach resort or forest retreat if you love nature and Niagara Peninsula or Okanagan is famous due to their great wines

As microtrip involves only a few days, hence make arrangements for your travel essentials along with certain activities that you would like once at the destination in advance to save time.

Being a short trip, I would recommend you to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. Capture the memorable moments in the camera to share it with your family and friends!

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Meet & Greet Parking – Reserve In Advance To Avoid Hiccups

The airport has the strongest potential to become a messy affair on your departure day. Most of the passengers prefer to reach the airport in their own cars to avoid the inconvenience and the cab hiring cost. Once at the airport, the next important step is to search out for an appropriate parking space for your vehicle. The situation becomes complicated when you are stranded in the airport parking and your check-in time approaches.

Hence, it is the best time to stop hiring the official parking services that never guarantees you with the safety and security of your car but still demands high parking fees.

To get rid of the parking troubles, book off-site cheap airport parking deals and ensure a peaceful trip for you at the destination. Avail pre-book option to enjoy further discounts with the advance reservation option.

Airport Parking Gatwick

Make sure with the authentication and reliability of the parking service before proceeding with the reservation. Below are few indications of a well-versed parking amenity:

  • They offer professional parking procedure
  • The staff is well trained and offers great professionalism
  • It offers a great benefit to the passengers in terms of services and pricing

Meet and greet Gatwick offers maximum convenience and comfort to the customers on their flight day. Once you arrive at the airport, the chauffeur takes all your airport parking responsibilities, allowing you to proceed with your check-in procedure.

Do not make your airport parking a messy affair & pre-book meet and greet service for a hassle-free start. Here are tips for smooth parking experience.

Avoid the parking madness and attain fully secure services. Read the guidelines and book your meet and greet firm carefully.

How Can Airline Charges Be Avoided to Keep Your Travel Budget Low?

Are you heading for a trip with your kids? It sounds very exciting and good to hear that airfares have dropped considerably in recent years. But at the same time, it is actually worrying that airline fees have more than you would be saving from the airfare. These days, ticket price simply includes the price to fly from your home town to the destination. Anything else like better seats, check luggage, in-flight Wi-Fi and any other add-on can only be achieved by paying extra charges.

According to a survey, about two-third of the passengers like ala’carte pricing for the tickets, meaning they prefer to pay the airline for the services they want. To keep your travel budget low, you must try to avoid services that are not essential.

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The smarter way to travel

Keep a note of the below tips to steer clear of the unwanted airline costs:

  • Make the correct airline decision before you buy the ticket
  • Book the airline with a minimum check-in fee and cost-free change of ticket. You just have to be wise enough to choose airlines like this
  • If you own multiple credit card, make a payment from the card that is affiliated with that particular airline to avoid the pesky fee
  • Avoid over-packing as the checked-in luggage can cost you an extra 33£-61£ to your travel budget
  • Refundable tickets are very convenient, but they are too pricey. Always prefer for the non-refundable ticket, but be careful while reviewing the travelling dates, as any change can cost you an extra 82£
  • You can make free of cost changes within 24 hours of ticket reservation
  • Most of the airlines charge a fee for the snack boxes and bistro-styled meals. The best way to avoid it to take your snacks with you

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Common Travel Issues – The Best Way to Deal them

There are certain travelling issues that holidaymakers have to encounter while travelling. There are a lot of problems like an uncomfortable destination, missing passport or a severe sunburn, you might come across unexpectedly, during your trip.

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You can deal with different holidays mishaps with the help of the following tips:

Dealing With Travel Issues

With the help of below tips, you can easily handle these holidays mishaps:

  • In case you lose your credit card, contact the local police and let them know about your loss. Contact your bank to inform them about your missing card so that they can arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can ask help from a family member so that he can transfer cash for the immediate expenses.
  • If you are travelling to the destination with lots of mosquitoes, try to avoid scratching the affected place to avoid any inflammation. Try to cover your legs and arms to ensure maximum safety
  • Set your mobile and wristwatch time to your destination time and avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee and salt as much as possible. If your flight lands in the daytime, never go for a nap so that your sleeping pattern is not disturbed. Change your eating and sleeping habits a couple of days before your departure so that the jet lag might not affect you adversely.
  • Keep yourself relaxed if you stuck yourself in some sort of trouble at the destination. You can handle the difficult situation better with a peaceful mind
  • In case you cannot find your luggage on the conveyor belt, don’t panic yourself. File the missing luggage report at the airline counter. Stay calm, as your airline will compensate you in case you cannot get your baggage.


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Budget Travelling – Top Money Saving Tips

Are you in love with the beauty of this world, and want to explore it frequently? If yes, then you must not allow the budget to hinder your travel. You no longer need to win a lottery to fulfill your exploration dreams. You can easily arrange an ideal trip for you with a little vigilance. I will be sharing some great tips that can actually help you a lot to arrange your trip on a budget.

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Money Saving Travel Tips

  • Any last-minute arrangements for your flight, airport parking and accommodation can actually cost you much higher. Hence, it is always recommended to go to the reservation of your travel essentials in advance
  • In the low travelling season the flight tickets, hotel, and food points offer a number of deals to attract the customers. You can avail these offers by scheduling your travel during the off-season to enjoy the off-season discounts.
  • While arranging accommodation at the destinations, go for the option that is economical instead of booking for a luxury hotel room. You can also share the room to further reduce the accommodation cost.
  • Pack your travel essentials carefully so that you don’t have to waste money on buying items that are absolutely necessary at the destination.
  • Any last-minute reservation can make you pay higher for the airport parking on your departure day. As soon as your flight dates are confirmed, book meet and greet Stansted service in advance to save money by availing the discounted deals with advance reservation.
  • For local exploration, prefer to use public transport instead of hiring the cab service. Being a budget traveller, this tip can greatly help you to save huge.

How To Efficiently Deal With Manchester Airport Parking Troubles

Manchester airport is always seen packed with the passengers, especially it is jam-packed during the holiday season. It is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks to secure and appropriate parking space for your vehicle, especially during the peak travelling season. You must have to plan your travel wisely and be aware of all the issues that you might confront at Manchester airport.

Following tips can actually ensure a peaceful and joyful beginning of your travel:

  • Create a list of your travel essentials
  • Choose the flights, accommodation and airport parking according to your budget
  • Compare airport parking deals for Manchester available before your departure day
  • Ask your service provider regarding any security arrangements taken by them to ensure car safety

Planning A Perfect Travel

Follow a proper time table and save yourself from a lot of troubles and problems at Manchester airport. It is advised to plan your travel essentials in advance to initiate a comfortable trip for you.

Most of the passengers get so much frustrated with the parking troubles at the airport that they become reluctant to plan any vacation trip, especially with the small kids. To avoid travelling is not a solution to handle such issues. You only need proper and careful planning from your side to arrange a comfortable and smooth trip.

You must consider a well-reputed and a reliable parking service provider to make sure a peaceful step into the plane on your departure day. Check out Manchester airport cheap parking deals at EzyBook from our quality parking operators and book the most appropriate option for your car.

Tips to Ensure Perfect Arrangements for Your Pet Ahead of your Trip

If it’s in your plan to stay in a hotel that doesn’t allow your pet to come with you, then definitely you will be looking to make some arrangements for your pet back home, like searching for a pet sitter. You can ask help from a neighbour, friend or a relative who can take care of your pet, or can even find out a professional one that has adopted pet-keeping as his professional career.

If you are leaving for a short trip, then the best thing would be to ask a friend or neighbour to visit your home for a few times to have a check-in on your pets, refill the food dishes, water bowls and can spend some time with them. But if your trip covers a number of days, then I would recommend you seek the services of a professional pet sitter, so that the safety, health, and security of your pet is ensured in your absence.

While heading for a long trip, don’t forget to arrange your airport parking before the flight day, Compare airport parking and book the best option!

Female traveller on trip with her pet

  • Pet boarding


Means you select a boarding facility for your pet, where the owner takes care of the animal in your absence. It is particularly good for you if you have a dog who loves social interaction since a particular boarding facility will have pets from other people too.

Some boarding houses hire certified veterinarians to deal with any immediate health issue with an animal kept with them. Some boarding houses give access to the live camera to the owners so that they can monitor their pets while on the trip.

While making arrangements for your pet, safety and the health of your pet must be your ultimate preference. Meet and greet at Gatwick is the most suitable service if you are looking for long-term airport parking options.

Are You Suffering From Food Poisoning While Travelling Abroad

While travelling abroad, you must get ready for the travel nightmares. It sounds really frustrating that you have spent a lot of days to plan your holidays, but suddenly you realize at the destination that you have become a victim of food poisoning, hence need to spend a lot of time in the washroom. When you are sick, obviously you can have no fun and are forced to sit in your room to get better.

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Food Poisoning During Travel

Food poisoning may attack you due to intake of undercooked meat, dirty water or raw fish. One of the few symptoms of food poisoning includes nausea, vomits, cramps and fever.

If you have unfortunately caught food poisoning, don’t worry, you can manage to get better quickly with the help of the below tips:

  • Take plenty of water so that your body is not affected by dehydration
  • Drink Coconut water and Gatorade for the recovery. Soup and crackers also prove to be very beneficial in such condition
  • Once you feel a little better, start taking solid food slowly. Try to eat at intervals and when you feel that your stomach is again feeling any sickness, shift back to liquids
  • Avoid intake of coffee, dairy products, fried and spicy items as they can upset your digestive tract instantly

If you are vomiting continuously, find some blood in stool or vomit, feeling severe abdominal cramps, any dehydration symptoms like drowsiness or dry mouth, you need to immediately see a doctor and get medication for immediate recovery.

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How Meet and Greet Makes Your Travel Stand Out from the Rest?

Are you planning a summer trip with your family? Have you reserved your flight? Do you know that seasoned travel recommends booking your flight in ahead of time? Are you thinking about the logic behind it? Yes, it is rightly said so. The moment you are done with a flight reservation, you can head to the other important arrangements to ensure a peaceful journey for you. Airport parking should be your next task, handled to be as a  priority, as it has the potential to become one of the greatest hassles on your departure day. Check out cheap airport parking options available at EzyBook to ensure a comfortable and joyful stay at Luton airport for your upcoming travel.

Airport Parking Luton

While opting for meet and greet option, you dare definitely going to make one of the best airport parking arrangements for your car. Once done with the payment, make sure to receive a confirmation email from your chosen parking operator regarding the reservation of your parking spot.

On your departure day, you should keep in mind the few steps:

  • Make sure to have a print copy or screenshot of the email as a proof of your reservation before heading to the airport
  • Make sure to inform your parking provider about your arrival at the airport, at least 20 minutes before.
  • After reaching the mutually agreed meet-tup point, hand over the car key to (sent by your parking operator) driver so that he can park it in your reserved parking spot
  • Proceed with the check-in procedure to complete the boarding process.

On your arrival day:

  • Call your parking provider to inform about your arrival
  • Meet the driver with your car, outside the arrival lounge
  • Have a deep look at your vehicle before leaving for home

Book your parking space with meet and greet Luton, and definitely, you will quote it to be the best airport parking experience of your life at the end!

Manchester Airport Needs An Improvement It’s Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

Disabled passengers are forced to wait for an awkward length of time to receive assistance at Manchester airport. In view of this trouble, the Uk’s third busiest airport has received a warning from the aviation regulator to improve its treatment towards the disabled passengers.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report, the waiting time has been reduced considerably over the past 12 months. Hence, the accessibility rating of the airport has been improved from “poor” to “needs improvement”, but CAA has expressed serious concerns and doubts over the handling of disabled passengers at the airport.

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Manchester Airport Parking

The aviation regulator has ordered Manchester airport to bring improvement in its treatment of the disabled passengers.

News and image source:

The regulator has asked to take immediate action to improve the decline of its services.

The spokesman at Manchester airport says that the airport is investing all possible additional resources to improve the standard of its services, especially those travelling with a certain disability to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free trip through Manchester airport.

ABM, a new special assistance provider has been introduced that will work with the airport to make an improvement in the services, especially during the peak travelling days.

Out of 31 UK airports analyzed, 14 have been rated as “very good” while 16 have gotten “good” rating. Manchester is the only airport that has been asked to improve its services, and have been rated as “needs improvement”.

The airports are being assessed strictly now, so they continue to improve their services to maintain its worth among the travellers.

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EasyJet Passengers in Serious Trouble at Stansted Airport Due to Strike

EasyJet passengers might have to face “check-in-chaos” this July after the announcement of 17-day strike announcement, over the long-running pay dispute. The strike is scheduled to start from 25th July.

According to Unite the union, the strike will be involving 43 passengers service agents, that are working at check-in desks for EasyJet at Stansted Airport. Those agents that have been employed by Stobart Aviation Services have voted unanimously in support of the strike through a ballot in the start of this month.

The strike dates, being announced are from July 25-29, August 2-5, August 16-19 and then from 23-27 August.

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EasyJet at Stansted Airport

Blog News Source: The Sun

Mark Barter, Unite regional officer has agreed that due to strike, thousands of EasyJet passengers that have to take their flight from the Stansted airport, during these days will have to face the severe disruptions. According to him, the major disagreement is that the agents that are employed by other companies are already getting 20% more for the same job at Stansted Airport.

EasyJet spokeswoman said they were conscious of the possible dates of strike announced at Stansted Airport by the Stobart Aviation check-in employees. He further added that they will be going for a contingency plan so that the passengers are not adversely affected. Still, it is anticipated that the dispute will be resolved by Stobart Aviation and Unite.

The Stobart Group spokesperson has announced that negotiation and dialogues are being carried with the unite representative and possibly the dispute will be resolved before the start of the strike. However, a contingency plan will be implemented to minimize the disruption for the passengers.

If you have reserved flight during the strike dates, keep yourself updated with the latest information, so that you are aware of any contingency plans made by the officials to facilitate the passengers.

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How To Choose An Appropriate Parking Service At Gatwick Airport

Everyone looks for comfort and ease while planning his travel and airport parking. Will you prefer to hover around the official parking compound on your flying day? Do you want to spend hours to find out a safe parking slot for your car and then drag back the heavy luggage from the lot back to the terminal?

At Gatwick airport, there are various Gatwick airport cheap parking options available for the travellers. Select the service depending upon your convenience and parking requirement.

The officials at Gatwick airport guide the travellers that they can access the check-in terminal in no time while availing the official airport parking option. Technically, it is correct to some extent, but they never explain about the troubles passengers may have to face during that parking procedure.

On-site parking offers below disadvantages:

  • Congestion of traffic
  • Difficulty in finding a parking spot in the peak travelling season
  • Dragging back of heavy luggage back to the terminal from the parking lot, while carrying a small baby in the lap


short stay parking Gatwick

Above points can really give you an idea that how much stress and troubles you might have to come across while opting for the on-site airport parking option. Meet and greet is the most appropriate and best alternative to traditional airport parking is the most convenient and comfortable parking service at reasonable rates.

Check out short stay parking Gatwick deals while looking for short term airport parking options.

  • No need to come across the crowded parts of the airport
  • A dedicated driver is appointed to provide you with airport parking services
  • You can easily head to the check-in terminal within a few minutes of arrival at the airport

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Most Powerful Passports in 2019 – Where Does the British Passport Stand?

Passport is the main document that is required by the travellers while heading for a foreign tour. Do you have an idea about the most powerful passports in the world? Are you interested to know that being British, what’s worth your passport has?

The 2019 Henley Passport Index disclosed the list of the world’s most strong passports. The Henley Passport Index ranks the world’s passports, depending on the amount of nations that the holder can travel without a previous visa.

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Japan and Singapore give their country’s strongest passports by providing approximately 189 countries with visa-free access. These two Asian countries are on the top list for 18 months now. South Korea was sharing the first position previously, but now has slipped to the number 2 spot, sharing it with Finland and Germany who are offering visa-free entry to 187 destinations in the world.

Pakistan had a rigid visa policy in the past, but now it offers Electronic Travel Authority to citizens of over 50 nations to attract visitors and increase their economy. Finland, Japan, Switzerland and UAE are included in the list, however, it doesn’t apply for UK or USA citizens.  Denmark and Luxembourg are in third place with free visa access to 186 countries, while Austria is on the fifth spot with a score of 184 along with the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Traveller exploring the map

The British passport stands at sixth jointly with USA, Belgium, Canada, Greece, and Ireland. You can easily travel to about 183 countries if you are a passport holder of any of these countries.

The UK has managed its passport in the past to be among the world’s five most strong passports. But the UK strong position is at stake due to its elimination from the EU and ongoing confusions regarding its departure.  The Brexit has not directly affected the UK’s ranking yet, but based on historical data from the Henley Passport Index, it can have strong effects over the strength of UK passport.

Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the worldwide mobility spectrum, allowing its citizen to enter 25 locations without a previous visa.

The picture will be more clear after the UK’s official exit from the Brexit. But for now, the UK holds the 6th spot.

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