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Why You Need a Zen Retreat in the Green and How to Make It Happen

The allure of nature’s beauty beckons with an irresistible appeal as the world recovers from unprecedented challenges. The year 2023 represents a shift in travel trends, with adventure-seekers increasingly drawn to the serenity and beauty of nature tourism. This trend has enthralled travellers’ emotions, propelling them on comprehensive journeys to reconcile with the planet’s essence. This article examines the emergence of nature tourism and its significance in providing a tranquil retreat into the great outdoors.

Nature Tourism: A Travel Paradigm Shift

After enduring lengthy lockdowns and the confinement of urban living, travellers are anxious to trade the concrete wilderness for unspoiled landscapes. Nature tourism encapsulates the spirit of leisurely travel, encouraging adventurers to adopt a more deliberate pace and immerse themselves in the splendour of their surroundings. Whether it be the majesty of the mountains, the serenity of the lakes, the lushness of the forests, or the pristine state of the national parks, nature tourism offers an unparalleled communion with the natural world.

The Wilderness Call: Disconnecting to Reconnect

As the world becomes more technologically interconnected, a desire to disconnect from the digital domain is emerging. Nature tourism offers travellers a sacred space to disconnect and savour quiet moments of reflection and serenity. Booking.com’s survey reveals that 66 per cent of vacationers prioritise preserving their time away from work, indicating a desire to decompress and restore their spirits in the bosom of nature.

Eco-Aware Travel: The Road to Sustainability

As awareness of climate change and the environmental impact of travel has increased, eco-consciousness has risen to the forefront of the travel industry. Responsible practises are emphasised in nature tourism, encouraging visitors to engage in sustainable tourism and supporting local conservation efforts. As travellers look to discover the marvels of the vast outdoors, they become more aware of their responsibility to preserve these treasures for future generations.

Immersive Experiences: Environmental Learning

Nature tourism is more than mere sight-seeing; it provides an educational voyage where tourists can learn from the environment and cultures they encounter. By engaging in hiking, camping, and wildlife observation, travellers can forge a deeper connection with nature and better understand its delicate ecosystems. In addition, numerous natural destinations now offer eco-tours that promote environmental consciousness and educate tourists on the significance of conservation.

Off-the-Grid: Discovering Hidden Treasures

While travellers continue to be drawn to well-known tourist destinations, the desire to explore lesser-known locations has increased significantly. 30% of travellers expressed a strong interest in discovering concealed treasures in lesser-known cities around the globe in 2023. These destinations frequently feature distinct natural attractions and authentic cultural experiences, offering a retreat from the beaten path and revealing the allure of uncharted lands.

The healing embrace of nature

As mental and emotional health takes centre stage, wellness retreats set in the tranquillity of nature have grown in popularity. Spiritual experiences, such as yoga retreats, meditation programmes, prayer retreats, and holistic wellness adventures, have increased nature tourism. These retreats provide a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-discovery, fostering a stronger connection between body, mind, and spirit.

Responsible Wildlife Tourism

With the appeal of nature tourism comes the duty to safeguard the fragile ecosystems and fauna that inhabit these pristine landscapes. Significant in 2023 will be an increased emphasis on responsible wildlife tourism, in which travellers seek ethical and sustainable means to encounter wildlife.

Tour operators and conservation organisations now offer wildlife excursions that prioritise the animals’ well-being and their habitats. The opportunity for tourists to observe wildlife in their natural habitats contributes to biodiversity conservation without causing any damage or disturbance.

Providing Comfort and Safety

As tourists engage in nature tourism, it is of the uttermost importance to ensure their vehicles’ comfort and safety. Off-site Cheap Airport parking services play a crucial role in protecting travellers’ valuables while they embark on nature-inspired excursions.

Reputable airport parking providers such as Ezybook provide safe and well-kept parking lots, assuring travellers that their vehicles will be safe while they are away. The availability of both short-term and long-term parking options accommodates the diverse requirements of travellers, whether they are on a weekend excursion or a multi-month backpacking trip.

Additionally, compare Gatwick parking services provide shuttle service to and from the airport terminal, facilitating the travel of passengers with large cargo. This seamless transfer eliminates the need for travellers to be concerned about vehicle safety or airport logistics before beginning their nature tourism adventures.

Savouring Food Experiences

In 2023, nature tourism is not only about appreciating picturesque landscapes but also about savouring a variety of culinary delicacies. This year’s culinary experiences are a significant travel trend, with travellers seeking distinctive dishes, regional cuisines, and culinary excursions. Unbelievably, 47% of survey respondents indicated that their top priority for travel in the new year will be unique dining experiences.

From street food excursions in vibrant markets to farm-to-table dining in rural havens, gastronomical exploration is integral to nature tourism. Local communities are becoming more engaged in demonstrating their culinary traditions to tourists, thereby commemorating their culture through cuisine. Travellers can anticipate encountering vibrant culinary festivities where they can indulge in many flavours and fragrances.

The Importance of Nostalgia

In a continuously changing world, travellers in 2023 will seek out nostalgic vacations to reconnect with simpler times. According to the survey, 88% of travellers want to embark on a nostalgic voyage to relive cherished memories and experiences. Whether revisiting classic theme parks that evoke childhood pleasure or planning family vacations and reunions, these dreamy vacations restore a sense of innocence and awe.

Nostalgia-infused travel experiences offer a revitalising respite from the complexities of modern life, enabling travellers to appreciate life’s tiny delights briefly. These excursions serve as a reminder of the significance of preserving memories and forming new ones with loved ones, all while surrounded by the splendour of nature.

 A Journey in Harmony

As we enter the core of the year 2023, nature tourism stands as a potent, cross-cultural trend. Embracing the great outdoors allows us to reconnect with nature’s marvels and our inner selves. This trend represents a collective yearning to appreciate life’s simplicity, promote sustainability, and embark on a journey of transformational discovery. Nature tourism compels us to find solace in the wilderness, to recover in its therapeutic embrace, and to nourish our spirits with its majesty. The outdoors beckons us to investigate, discover, and coexist in harmony with the planet that sustains us.

Avail our various airport parking options at reasonable prices

Ezybook lets you avail various parking options for all your parking needs. Yes, we are the number 1 parking spot provider company and have various options to offer. Whether you are flying out of the city for a day or for a number of days, you will need to park your vehicle somewhere which is safer than your own house and nothing can beat airport parking in this regard. Most airport parking spots are under 24x7surveillance and hence very secure. We provide both short term and long term airport parking and to know more about the options, you can go through the following given information.

Meet and greet airport parking

Meet and greet airport parking is the option through which you can get the facility of pick up and drop off. In this, professional chauffeurs shall park your car and also bring it to you when you need and this eliminates the hassle of parking your car on your own.  Our meet and greet service is tagged at a really reasonable rate and hence highly recommended.

Park and Ride airport parking

If you wish to park your vehicle somewhere close to the airport, then the option of park and ride shall work perfectly for you. All you need to do is to park your vehicle and pick it up when your journey or trip ends.

On site airport parking

If you wish to park your car only at the airport and nowhere else, then onsite airport parking is what you shall avail from us. We enable you to park your vehicle at the best airport parking spots so that it remains safe, secure and absolutely away from harm’s way. All you need to do is to pick your spot and your dates.

Short term airport parking

All the above given options can be booked for short duration’s of time which means less than a day. Yes, in this case, you can pay an hourly fee rather than a daily charge.

Long term airport parking

Long term airport parking is the option in which you can park your car at one of our parking spots for more than a day without any fear in mind. In this case, you are charged on a daily basis.

So now that you know the various airport parking options such as meet and greet etc, you can pick a parking spot of your choice.  We provide parking options at Heathrow and Gatwick UK for prices better than any other company. So what are you waiting for? Book a spot with us today and leave your vehicle in safe hands when you travel out of the city or country.


Meet and Greet Parking Service at the Gatwick Airport

The second most crowded international airport of the UK, is the Gatwick Airport. Gatwick has approximately 55 flights taking off from the airport every single hour, making it the the world’s most bustling runway with point to point flights.

Solo Car Parked in Parking Lot

Image By: Brianna on Unsplash

It is also reffered as the Europe’s leading airport.

It contains two main North and South terminals as well as a single runway (although a secondary runway is also present).

Due to the massive amount of passengers boarding the flights every hour, the Gatwick Airport parking often becomes an undeniably tough problem to solve.

So, in order to provide our customers with the ideal begining of their journey, we let them book a safe space in one of the airports highly guarded car parks.

EzyBook provides the travellers with a large variety of cheap airport parking deals to choose from. You can browse and find the preferable deal and book your stay and enjoy a completely comfortable journey.

The passenger’s vehicle will be picked up at the correct terminal, driven to a highly secure spot in the parking lots and will be safely delivered back to them upon their arrival. The vehicle will remain under heavily guarded parking spaces and away from any harm.

Once you are at the terminal, you will be asked to leave the keys to the car at the reception and the chosen service provider’s bus will take you to the airport. Your car will be driven to and from the parking spot by one one of our exceptional chauffers.

We provide your car with exclusively picked, highly skilled chauffeurs who drive your car and look after it while you go on a business trip or a family vacation. We train the chauffers to handle the vehicles with much care.

Off-Gatwick Airport Parking Deals

Instead of spending countless hours searching for vacant, cheap and safe parking spaces, you can now drive to any one of the terminals of the airport and allow a professional chauffeur to park your car and you can aboard your flight knowing that your vehicle is in the right hands. You will recieve your car upon your arrival.

Along the several other options, the Meet and Greet Parking service deals at the Gatwick Airport, are some of the fabulous examples of package convenience as it provides the best form of stress free and safe parking for your car while you are busy travelling abroad.

Meet and Greet Parking service at the Gatwick Airport offers this and more!

Comparison of Parking Prices at Gatwick Airport

Ezybook Airport Parking can help you with parking your vehicle in protected compartments which can be proven expensive when searched by any other website.

Get inexpensive airport patrking deals here on Ezybook without having to deal with any additional problems and unnecessary procedures.

Even though the Meet and Greet Parking services make your journey peaceful, they are also highly in demand and costly.

Ezybook Airport Parking offers it’s customers a distinctive service where they can compare various airport parking rates and also of Gatwick Airport so that the passengers can see guaranteed and accurate prices and book the one they find cheap and reliable.

You are more than welcome to compare Gatwick airport parking prices and book the deal you prefer!

Inexpensive Rates and Secure Services

Ezybook presents the travellers with best deals at affordable prices. Browse the offers provided by several dealers and book your parking space at a reasonable price!

Our method of checking the deals and their prices is extremely effective and ensures that the passengers will find the best deals available on the market. We provide the finest deals to our customers at an affordable price without compromising on the service.


Cheap and convenient airport parking in Luton, Gatwick

Car Parking Spot

Image By: Davor on Free Images

If you are someone who is looking for a parking spot in the city especially on or near the airport, then there is no one better than Ezybook to help you out. We are one of the best airport parking service providers who are known to provide cheap Gatwick airport parking and also parking on Luton airport. We offer several options for safe and secure parking of your vehicle, all of which are extremely cheap and affordable.  We work with known and high rated suppliers to bring you fabulous deals at unmatchable prices. The following is some more information on the cheap and convenient airport parking options offered by ezybook.

  • We offer various types of airport parking options including meet and greet parking, on site airport parking and offsite airport parking. Each of these methods is highly convenient and offers several benefits. For example, if you choose meet and greet airport parking, then you can avail the option of valet parking whereas in case of onsite airport parking, you get to park your vehicle on the airport parking itself where it will remain absolutely secure and safe.
  • Our customer support team works round the clock to ensure that you can get the parking slot of your choice and that you are 100% satisfied with the services we offer.  We make bookings very easy and convenient for you. This means that you can call us, email us or chat with us real time to get your queries resolved and your bookings made.
  • To book, all you have to do is to visit our website, give your drop off and pick up date and time and make the payment. It takes hardly a few minutes to get your booking secure with us.
  • Infact you can also select the airport to check out the various deals and offers that are available on it at that given time. You can easily avail the deal by entering the discount code and save some of your hard earned money.

So what are you waiting for? Airport parking is one of the best ways to park your car, whether you are going out of the city, country or just locally for some work. It is secure, safe and the slot can be booked in advance to avoid the hassle of finding the slot when on the airport.  So if you are looking for luton airport cheap parking, then worry not since Ezybook is here to help you in Luton, Gatwick, UK. Book your airport parking slot today because the earlier you do the same , the more chances you will get a slot of your choice.