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Why You Should Say “Thank You” to Your Valet at the Airport?

Since the late 80’s, the average number of British owning a car has increased tremendously. Almost every household has at least one vehicle as it has become a necessity in our lives. Have you ever thought about the troubles that have emerged as a result of the huge number of cars on the road? Yes, you are right if you are thinking about the parking hassles as it becomes very difficult at times to accommodate so many vehicles in the shopping mall, hospitals, restaurants, and airports. Airports have allocated a huge area for car parking, but still, it is unable to meet the parking needs of all the passengers.

In the past, the people hired to carry someones else’s carriages or horses were called valets. This concept has been very well implemented in car parking. Valet service also offers similar services to the passengers, where a well-dressed valet is appointed to park your car at a safe parking slot. Later, this concept was adopted by off-site parking operators to facilitate the passengers at crowded airports, to help them get rid of self-parking troubles. Valet services offered by cheap Stansted airport parking operators add luxury and comfort to travel.

Benefits of Valet Airport Parking

Image by Tim Smurf at Unsplash

Valet services offer us a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • It helps us to get rid of self-parking on the flight day, hence allowing us to save a lot of time
  • We don’t have to stress about securing a suitable and safe parking slot in the traditional parking compound
  • Valets are well-trained, insured and professional, who make sure to drive our car safely in the off-site parking lot
  • Assistance in luggage loading and offloading at the terminal

Most of us don’t give the respect that valets deserve from us as a customer. They are helping us to spend a peaceful time at the airport and we must acknowledge it. We can appreciate them by offering them a small amount of money in the name of the tip. It has been noticed that valets are considered to be the servants and the behavior of the passengers is very rude towards them. Imagine the troubles you will have to come across without the services of valet at the terminal. There is nothing wrong to say “Thank You” to someone for making your parking procedure simple, convenient and smooth. They are an important part of our society and we must respect them!

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  Posted by admin on Tue, Mar 10, 2020

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