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What Airports Have Fantastic Outdoor Areas?

If you reach the airport plenty of time ahead of the flight, that does not necessarily mean that you have to be cooped up indoors. Outdoor decks or seating areas as a perk for the travellers is one of the hottest trends at the airport terminals these days. These outdoor spaces include amazing views of the airplanes, taxiways and the runways. Some offer a few extra like Cocktails, Fooding and Wi-Fi access to the passengers.

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Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Image by Dennis Gecaj on

Frankfurt Airport

Terminal 2 at the airport acts as the home to the Visitor’s terrace. There are seats, both outside and enclosed. The terrace offers an amazing view of the planes taking off and landing on the runway. It is close to the Food Plaza at the terminal, meaning the passengers can easily buy their food and enjoy eating it on the terrace.

The airport is charging $3.39/person for a day, while for a family of 5 persons, it charges $13.58.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Image by Marcel Herber on

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The “Panorama Terrace” is open for all visitors after check-in. It is between departures 1 and 2. The terrace is well known for its spacious view of the aircraft parking in the C, D and E piers of Schiphol.

KLM Fokker 100 is on the display and the visitors can enjoy their meals along with the beautiful view while eating at their famous food spot!

Hong Kong International Airport

Image by Joseph Chan on

Hong Kong International Airport

Terminal 2, with aviation-themed displays and graphics, is an aerial Discovery Centre. It is a perfect spot to watch international jets. There is no shade in that area, so make sure to wear the hat and use sunscreen while enjoying the aviation view.

LAX Airport, California

Image by Upal Patel on

Long Beach Airport, California

After passing the security, passengers can access 22,000 square feet (ca. 20 a) of the outdoor space that have a canopied seating area. You spend a great time there, can enjoy watching the planes flying in and out while having their meals. “meet and greet outdoor courtyard” is also in plan to be completed in 2021, so that the visitors can enjoy a great time along with the passengers outside the secure area.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Image by Philipp Dubach on

Zurich Airport

There is an “Aspire Lounge” situated in the Midfield Terminal at Sydney Airport, above the gate E. There are free hot and cold meals alongside drinks and the beautiful views over the Swiss Alps and the portals of the airport. Entry charges are $38 per person, while children are given access free of cost.

Such outdoor spaces should also be introduced at all major UK airports so that passengers can enjoy their stay in case they appear at the airport earlier ahead of their departure time.

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