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Luton Vs Stansted Airport – Which One Is Low Cost But Still The Best

London has a number of airports, like Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted and Luton. Each of them has its distinct features. While Gatwick and Heathrow provide accommodate full-service carriers, the story is completely unique in relation to Luton and Stansted airport terminals. These air terminals are increasingly outfitted towards low cost-effective traffic, in any event for their commercial passengers.

A fairly large number of commercial flights are being handled at Luton and Stansted airports. The main hub for EasyJet is at Luton airport. The arch rival Ryanair base is less than 30 miles away. Being the main hub for both low-cost carriers, a substantial traffic is being witnessed at both airports.

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In terms of passengers number, London Stansted airport is busier as compared to Luton (according to passenger traffic stats 2018) according to the passenger traffic stats in 2018, London Stansted airport was busier than Luton in terms of passenger numbers. Under 28 million travellers were spread across over more than 200,000 aircraft. While Luton dealt with under 17 million travellers spread across over 136,511 aircrafts.

Stansted Airport has a dedicated train station connecting Central London right below its entrance. No dedicated train station has been dedicated to London Luton airport. Once arrived, the passengers have to hop up a bus to reach the airport terminal.

Both Luton and Stansted are handling a fair share of special aircraft traffic. However, London Luton is particularly famous for private jet destination. However, Stansted airport has an edge over Luton when considered for special flights. Due to large open space far away for from the terminal, Stansted has been designated to deal with the threats efficiently. An unexpected Air India Flight was allowed to land at Stansted earlier this year. Air Force One opted for Stansted airport, during the President of United States London visit.

This does not necessarily mean that Luton airport is boring or less important. The popular UK television show “Airline’ had been filmed there. Stansted airport was opted to film “Come Fly With Me”. Generally, it seems that London Stansted can be given the title of the “Low-Cost Airport”. Stansted airport due to its easy access, business, and playing host to private planes has won this title.

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  Posted by admin on Tue, Sep 17, 2019

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