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Importance Of Wi-Fi On Planes

Wireless internet has become an essential part of our life and most of us have started to take it as granted due to its availability at almost every place. We expect uninterrupted Wi-Fi access everywhere, but there is a place that has pretty much remained a Wi-Fi free zone up till now! Yes, it’s the air space!

Most of the passengers desire for inflight Wi-Fi connectivity, but unfortunately, inflight connectivity has been poor so far and the efforts are being made to improve its reliability steadily. Airlines have started to learn the importance of Wi-Fi and are looking for new technologies to introduce this facility to its customers.

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Airplane Landed on terminal UK

Image by: Vanveenjf on Unsplash

Today in this post we will have a look at how Wi-Fi works in the sky and why many airlines charge for Wi-Fi from its customers.

Do all aircraft have a Wi-Fi facility?

All US flights were  the very first to offer Wi-Fi connectivity, both for domestic and international flights, but now the European airlines have up their games and have introduced Wi-Fi with faster connectivity and cheaper rates for their customers

How does inflight Wi-Fi works?

The internet signal reaches your device at an altitude of 35000 feet in two ways, i.e., 1) via the ground-based mobile broadband tower, sending signals up through the antenna, located under the aircraft or  2) uses satellite technology. Plane connects to a network or satellite, sending and receiving signals to earth through receivers and transmitters. Information is transmitted to and from your device via an antenna on the plane top, that connects to the nearby signal.

Why in-flight Wi-Fi is expensive?

Due to the high cost of Wi-Fi services in the air, the airline cannot offer free Wi-Fi services and charge it from the passengers. The antenna required for Wi-Fi increase the airline bill by adding the fuel cost, hence they charge for the in-flight Wi-Fi facility.

What is the cost of Wi-Fi on the planes?

Wi-Fi charges vary from airline to airline. On long-hauled flights, British Airways is offering the first hour free and then charge the passengers from  £4.99 to £7.99. Wi-Fi prices range between £2.99 and £14.99 for Virgin Atlantic passengers. Americal airlines are charging around £12.75 on international routes.

A Norwegian airline is offering free Wi-Fi for its passengers on most of its flights within Europe.

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  Posted by admin on Tue, Aug 27, 2019

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