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Manchester Airport Needs An Improvement It’s Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

Disabled passengers are forced to wait for an awkward length of time to receive assistance at Manchester airport. In view of this trouble, the Uk’s third busiest airport has received a warning from the aviation regulator to improve its treatment towards the disabled passengers.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report, the waiting time has been reduced considerably over the past 12 months. Hence, the accessibility rating of the airport has been improved from “poor” to “needs improvement”, but CAA has expressed serious concerns and doubts over the handling of disabled passengers at the airport.

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The aviation regulator has ordered Manchester airport to bring improvement in its treatment of the disabled passengers.

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The regulator has asked to take immediate action to improve the decline of its services.

The spokesman at Manchester airport says that the airport is investing all possible additional resources to improve the standard of its services, especially those travelling with a certain disability to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free trip through Manchester airport.

ABM, a new special assistance provider has been introduced that will work with the airport to make an improvement in the services, especially during the peak travelling days.

Out of 31 UK airports analyzed, 14 have been rated as “very good” while 16 have gotten “good” rating. Manchester is the only airport that has been asked to improve its services, and have been rated as “needs improvement”.

The airports are being assessed strictly now, so they continue to improve their services to maintain its worth among the travellers.

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  Posted by admin on Wed, Jul 17, 2019

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