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How to Ensure your Data Privacy During Travel?

It is always daunting to travel with technology. But no one can consider leaving his laptop, tab or cell phone at home before heading for the travel, as these things have become an essential part of our life now. Data security is something that every passenger is concerned mostly during the travel. You must find out the ways to make sure that your privacy is safe and secure while you are on vacations.

Image by: Ahmad Muntasir on Pexels

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Keep in mind the below steps to protect your privacy and ensure safety and online security while travelling:

  • Always make sure to use Encrypted Network Connections to ensure privacy. Encryption acts as a key to internet health. The HTTPs sites are safe and secure and prevent the people with bad intention from viewing your browser.
  • Be careful while entering any personal information to access a website. When Firefox displays a green lock while you try to view a page, this shows that the page you are going to access is pretty safe and secure
  • You must turn on the two-step authentication for all your accounts
  • Prefer to go for private browsing to ensure maximum safety and privacy
  • While going through the border control, turn off the phone so that you need to enter a password to open the device before turning it on
  • Make sure to put a password on your device so that no one can access it other than you
  • Remove the app’s that you are not using frequently. It not only increases space, but also reduce the risk of privacy leakage due to a certain application
  • Back up your phone and data, so that even if your device is lost or damaged, you have the backup data
  • Download password manager on your device. This is a very handy tool as it stores passwords for you and creates randomized passwords

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  Posted by admin on Mon, Jul 1, 2019

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