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Covid – 19 Outbreak – Travel Tips from the World Health Organization (WHO)!

As spring approaches in most local schools across Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided useful tips to practice Coronavirus prevention.

WHO has urged people to stay themselves updated with Covid- 19 situation and be aware of any possible symptoms during the travel and upon returning home on completion of the trip. If you have any travel plans in the coming days, make sure to make hassle-free parking arrangements for your car at the airport. Secure a parking spot with cheap airport parking ahead of your flight to ensure a stress-free airport parking experience.

Corona virus preventions

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Below are precautions that need to be carried out to protect yourself from extracting Coronavirus during the trip:

  • Avoid any contact with people who are ill
  • Do not go to any public gatherings
  • Make sure to stay a distance of six feet from other people. Social distancing can help stop the spread of Coronavirus
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose when your hands seem dirty and have not been washed in quite some time
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap every 30-50 minutes to stay clean
  • Keep a hand-sanitizer in your handbag or pocket every time you are out of the home. The sanitizer must contain 60-95% of alcohol
  • Do not forget to wash or sanitize your hand after using the restroom, sneezing, coughing, and before eating anything. You need to be more careful in public places.
  • Once you return from a trip, monitor your health and keep a note of any sickness symptoms for at least 14 days

Once a person suffers from fever (100.4 degrees F or higher), dry cough or shortening of breath, they must:

  • Seek a piece of medical advice from your doctor and inform him about your recent travel so that he can ask you to undergo a certain Coronavirus screening test
  • Avoid touching others, even your kids or spouse
  • Stay home as much as possible (unless you are admitted to a hospital in case of positive Coronavirus test). It’s your responsibility as a responsible citizen to keep others safe!

Medical experts have recommended that people above ’60s and those with underlying health issues should avoid travelling, especially cruise-ship travel, as they have strong chances of contracting the virus.

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  Posted by admin on Mon, Mar 16, 2020

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