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Which are the Best Places to Visit During Your London Trip?

London has spectacular and remarkable historical places, hence proving to be a treat for the passengers. The most popular and famous historical spots include the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Tower of London. But there are a number of places near London that you can include in the exploration plan during your trip. I will be sharing a lot of the best historical spots near London for the passengers who love history and such spots fascinate them a lot.

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Battle - King Cross Station

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  • Battle

It is the site of a war that entirely changed the English history course. In 1066, King Harold of England was defeated by William of Normandy to become the new English king. You get a chance to walk through the battlefield and hear the story about what happened in the past. This place acts real thrill for those who love history.

Canterbury - UK

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  • Canterbury

One of the most vulnerable buildings in England is Canterbury Cathedral. During the Middle Ages, a lot of pilgrims used to flock to the cathedral and pray at the Thomas Becket shrine. The temple is now gone, but there is still the cathedral and the medieval one, drawing millions of tourists each year.

Magna Carta - Runnymede

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  • Runnymede

In 1215, 3 miles away from Windsor, feudal lords forced King John to attach his seal to a document named as Magna Carta. The principle of constitutional monarchy was established by Magna Carta and affirmed that every justice and liberty is the right of every individual. The basis of the American Constitution has been built on this.

City of York - UK

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  • York

Yorkshire, the best-preserved England city of the Middle Ages, is surrounded by high walls. You can enjoy a walk along the circuit of walls that had sentries in the past during the visit to York and the heads of traitors have been placed on the spikes. At the Jorvik Viking Centre, you can get you familiarized with the Viking side of the York, which very beautifully re-creates the Viking past of the city.

If you love history, then I will strongly recommend visiting historical places in London and make sure to include the above-mentioned places on your trip.  Those living in London and travelling through the Luton airport, avail meet and greet Luton services to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Happy Travelling!

  Posted by admin on Mon, Oct 21, 2019

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