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A Complete Guide To Fix Airport Travel Delays

During the peak season, passengers have to face the flight disruptions and end up with no compensation. Under extraordinary circumstances flights delayed or cancelled can be compensated according to the laws. Most of the passengers try avoiding the reimbursements as a result of emergency circumstances.

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In this guide, I will be providing a guide to aware passengers about the compensation rights they get as a result of the disrupted and exempt flight.

Flight Delays or Cancellation

Image By: hansonluu on  Unsplash

According to European Law, the flights being delayed or cancelled as a result of technical issues or other circumstances will be compensated.

If the disturbance is made due to air traffic control, weather issues which also affect the airport staff don’t have to pay out.

Passengers are not compensated for any disturbance made due to weather issues or air traffic control at the airport.

The rough estimated of possible payout  in terms of compensation includes:

  • You will be paid around 200£ for the short flight
  • For the mid-length flight, the amount payable is around 320£
  • For long haul flights, the payment amount is approximately 280£ to 480£

You are eligible to ask for the cost of accommodation, foods, drinks and other communication means, in case your flight is delayed for three or more hours.

You can take help from the Civil Aviation Authority UK while travelling from some other country and requiring compensation against the airlines as a result of disturbance. They will help in the claim enforcement on your behalf.

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  Posted by admin on Tue, Oct 8, 2019

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