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Most Powerful Passports in 2019 – Where Does the British Passport Stand?

Passport is the main document that is required by the travellers while heading for a foreign tour. Do you have an idea about the most powerful passports in the world? Are you interested to know that being British, what’s worth your passport has?

The 2019 Henley Passport Index disclosed the list of the world’s most strong passports. The Henley Passport Index ranks the world’s passports, depending on the amount of nations that the holder can travel without a previous visa.

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Japan and Singapore give their country’s strongest passports by providing approximately 189 countries with visa-free access. These two Asian countries are on the top list for 18 months now. South Korea was sharing the first position previously, but now has slipped to the number 2 spot, sharing it with Finland and Germany who are offering visa-free entry to 187 destinations in the world.

Pakistan had a rigid visa policy in the past, but now it offers Electronic Travel Authority to citizens of over 50 nations to attract visitors and increase their economy. Finland, Japan, Switzerland and UAE are included in the list, however, it doesn’t apply for UK or USA citizens.  Denmark and Luxembourg are in third place with free visa access to 186 countries, while Austria is on the fifth spot with a score of 184 along with the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.

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The British passport stands at sixth jointly with USA, Belgium, Canada, Greece, and Ireland. You can easily travel to about 183 countries if you are a passport holder of any of these countries.

The UK has managed its passport in the past to be among the world’s five most strong passports. But the UK strong position is at stake due to its elimination from the EU and ongoing confusions regarding its departure.  The Brexit has not directly affected the UK’s ranking yet, but based on historical data from the Henley Passport Index, it can have strong effects over the strength of UK passport.

Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the worldwide mobility spectrum, allowing its citizen to enter 25 locations without a previous visa.

The picture will be more clear after the UK’s official exit from the Brexit. But for now, the UK holds the 6th spot.

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  Posted by admin on Mon, Jul 8, 2019

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