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How to Claim Compensation for Your Lost or Delayed Luggage?

At a busy airport like Heathrow, you might come across a number of issues like delayed flight, airport parking issues and long waitings in the security check-in area due to the presence of forbidden things in your luggage.  Book cheap airport parking deals and book your parking space in advance to get rid of any stressful situation on your flying day.

You have the legal right to claim compensation from your airline in case of any delayed or lost check-in luggage. Please note you can claim only when your airline is solely responsible for it.

You are most likely to be paid if:

  • Essential items like toiletries and undergarments have not reached you
  • If your luggage is damaged or lost, your airline is bound to pay you for the replacement or lost
  • If you have to reach the airport to collect your baggage after a few days of your arrival, transportation cost will be paid by your airline


Damaged Luggage

Image Source Photo Credits: Bryan Alexander

It is recommended to immediately notify your airline in case of any damaged or lost luggage. In case your issue has been logged in to the property irregularity report (PIR), then the problem has come into the knowledge of airport staff, who will convey it to your airline. In order to support your claim, do not forget to keep a copy of PIR with you.

Your airline will have 21 days to search out the luggage and hand over to you. Even if the luggage is handed to you with 21 days, still you can claim for the inconvenience and stress you have to face due to delayed baggage.

You can claim compensation for

  • A damaged or missing item within 7 days of receiving
  • Missing or delayed luggage within 21 days of flight

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  Posted by admin on Tue, Jun 18, 2019

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