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Common Errors in Luggage That Increase Risk of Theft and Injury

Travelling with suitcases is offering a lot of pros and cons for the airport adventurers. On one hand,  you are able to carry more of your favourite things about the holidays with them, making sure that they are well-prepared for long stints away from home, plus securing much-loved holiday shopping. However, it increases the luggage-related woes like lost luggage or damaged suitcase.

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Some passengers padlock on the zip of a suitcase, and then securing the fastened with a key, to ensure that no one can break-in. Do you know that it is not beneficial in protecting your bag? This can be the actual reason why a suitcase can be broken at the first sight, as securing it that way might be taken as an indication that It is worth searching.

Airport luggage processing

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Do you know locks on the zip bags are useless? You know why? You can pop up the zip conveniently with the pad and push the locked zip pulls around the bag to shut it again. This technique might also be used to steal things from your baggage. But theft is not the reason that the luggage can be opened within the transit. Not only the hand luggage, but the check-in suitcases have to be passed through the x-ray screening. If you can see some suspicious-looking object when screening, it will need to be opened for a thorough search by airport staff.

Locking your suitcase can result in serious damage to your suitcase as you can expect bag that had been cut open and then taped back with a note saying that it has been cut for a thorough searching.

Keep in mind the below tips that can actually keep your luggage secure while travelling:

  • Make use of the zip ties that are considered to be the cost-efficient way to keep your zips together. It will be a lot easier to identify if your luggage has been tampered with. In case the security search is required, the staff can clip apart the zip tie without needing to cut your bag for screening.
  • Use the bags with the same colour and size so that there is a chance that they will stay together and come off the track together.
  • Remove any old tags from your suitcases as it takes a longer time for the staff to understand the date and destination of the luggage

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  Posted by admin on Mon, Nov 18, 2019

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