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Why Is There a Restriction to Park on Yellow Lines?

Most people in the UK people don’t know the purpose of yellow lines on the roads.

Due to this unfamiliarity, they are often fined for illegal parking on yellow lines. These lines on the roads indicate that no one is allowed to park or wait in that particular area.

Yellow lines restrict you from parking so that the flow of traffic is not disturbed in the congested areas. These line restrictions are in the public interest and are greatly helping drivers to enjoy their driving, without getting disturbed by illegal parking.

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There are two types of yellow lines on the roads:

Single Yellow Lane

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Single Yellow Lines

  • When you see a single yellow line on the road-side, this indicates:
  • Drivers are allowed to stop their vehicles for a short duration, only to pick up or drop off the passengers
  • You are allowed to check your car in case of any technical fault or accident on the road
  • No one is allowed to stay there longer than a specific time
  • Parking times are mostly displayed on a nearby signboard


Double Yellow Lines:

When you see double yellow lines on a road, it means:

  • No one is allowed to park their car in the double yellow lines located on the road
  • You can stop for a few minutes for luggage loading or offloading unless it has been mentioned that stopping the car is not at all allowed
  • All the parking restrictions are displayed on the nearby signboard
  • You are only allowed to park your car on double yellow lines when the police ask you for it or you have to change the flat tyre
Double yellow lane

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Please note that parking on yellow lines is entirely different than airport parking. Spare a few minutes to understand the off-site procedure to compare airport parking deals for your car and save time and effort while planning your trip.

  Posted by admin on Mon, Mar 9, 2020

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