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In an age where travel goes beyond mere sightseeing, mindful travel has emerged as a transformative experience. Southern Europe, with its serene landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, offers the perfect backdrop for this journey of rejuvenation. At Ezybook, we specialize in curating the bes

Welcome, fellow eco-explorer! We are on a mission to identify the eco-friendly initiatives working their magic all over Europe. In a world where the desire to see the globe collides with the obligation to safeguard the environment, this presents a problem for which we are seeking a solution

Reasons to book an Airport Lounge

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Let’s accept it! Traveling by plane is not relaxing as it used to be. A decade ago, we could take many bags on board with us without paying extra charges. The stress at the terminal about missing our flight was never there. We never felt disconnected from the world at the airport. But now

More than 5.3 million travelled through Luton airport this 2019, hence setting a record for passenger traffic in 2019. There was a 7.3 per cent rise in the passenger traffic at Luton during June, July, and August. Have you booked your flight from Luton airport? Do not forget to make prior a

Are you excited ad ready to take your flight, but are you concerned about the airport security & the customs department to unpack your luggage and to take out some of the things which are not allowed while travelling by air. Such situations are really annoying, especially while travellin

How You can Travel Peacefully with Depression?

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Have you been planning a trip for months, but as the flying dates are getting closer you are feeling confused or tired and feeling no enthusiasm or excitement for your upcoming vacations? Are you sleeping most of the times and trying to avoid your family and friends? If you are facing this s

Relaxing Techniques for Anxious Travellers

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It is an intrinsic part of life when you experience new cultures; explore amazing places, delicious food and putted faith on strangers. When you are stepping out from your comfort zone, you feel anxious on different situations. So, the best way to tackle such situation is to keep calm and ha

Ezybook Airport Parking pride themselves for having excellent customer reviews, lowest parking rates and quality customer support. They have easy to use platform to search for airport parking deals which ensures that you save your time and money. Use Ezybook promo codes and cash back at Quid

Our inforgraphic on useful things to do before parking your car at the airport - long or short term parking

Things to remember while planning a trip abroad

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image By: Chris Greene on Free Images[/caption] Planning a trip abroad and excited about it? Well of course you would be. But it is important to keep a few things in mind so that everything related to your trip goes smoothly and without any hicc

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